Why Oh Why Join the WI?

I received a letter yesterday from my county branch of the Women’s Institute. Last year, I became a speaker for my local circuit and they were asking if I’d like to be considered to run for another term.

I must say, just getting onto their coveted list proved to be quite an ordeal. In the first instance you have to be invited and then you have to go for a knee-knocking audition. All the heads of the WI’s from around the county sit in a cavernous, echoy great hall and the candidates line up dutifully in the corridor, waiting to perform in their allotted time slot, in front of a clipboard-wielding, very attentive audience.

I remember the day of my audition well; it was roastingly hot and sunny and I drove to the venue with the window open and arrived looking like my locks had been pulled through the proverbial hedge backwards. Whilst I wasn’t exactly nervous about the experience of talking en mass, I did have a slight bellyache about what on earth I thought I might be able to teach the sustainable living stalwarts of the WI.

Let’s face it, if there’s a lesson to be had on thrift, making good, being crafty or knocking up a vat of jam, they’re your man so to speak. Continue reading “Why Oh Why Join the WI?”