Recycle Your Glossies – Please!

Keep more of this like this - recycle your paper!

Hi all,

I’m back in the saddle again and feeling much better, thanks for all the well wishes and a big thanks to Thomas for taking care of things last week. I hope you enjoyed reading through the ‘Introduction’ and the ‘Kitchen’ chapter.

During my short stay in hospital last week I thought I might be able to tear myself away from pondering over rubbish, but that was wishful thinking. 

As I sat around with my fellow ‘Nil By Mouthers’ all waiting to be trolleyed in, once we’d done the ‘Who you are and where do you come from’ bit, there wasn’t much else to do but turn to the magazine rack in hope of a little temporary distraction from our forthcoming extraction. Continue reading “Recycle Your Glossies – Please!”