Transition Town Initiatives in AAAAAAGGHHtion

Ok, just in case you don’t get my tenuous stab at a Halloween joke, that should be read as, ‘Action’, in a frightened and scary voice…

(All right, all right, it wasn’t that bad!)

As reported here recently, my little village is proudly on the ‘Mulling it Over‘ list of Transition Towns and our monthly meetings to discuss ways of helping our village live more sustainably are going well.

We’ve a good core of regular attendees and general interest on the project is on the rise, which is a testimony to the dedication and hard work of Michael and Sophie, the instigators of our TT initiative. Continue reading “Transition Town Initiatives in AAAAAAGGHHtion”

A Rubbish Spotlight on The Magdalen Project

A selection of WWOOF'ers amongst the beans
A selection of WWOOF'ers amongst the beans

The Magdalen Project (or TMP for short) is an eco-educational centre of excellence located on the outskirts of a little Somerset village called Winsham and today they held their annual Autumn Fair.

I spent the day there demonstrating how to make my Rubbish Flatbreads and signing copies of the book and had a fantastic but exhausting day!  I must have rolled out and cooked about 120 flatbreads (some sun-dried tomato and basil and some plain white) and the visitors quaffed the lot! Continue reading “A Rubbish Spotlight on The Magdalen Project”

My Fabulous Rubbish Flatbreads – A Step-by-Step Guide to Using Up Leftover Pasta or Rice

The only place for food waste should be in your compost bin!
The last place food waste should end up, is in a compost bin or wormery!

I’ve been quietly pondering for at least 5 minutes, wondering what to call this recipe and the best I can muster is, ‘Rubbish Flatbreads’.

Not because they are ‘rubbish’, quite the contrary, they are delicious and usually disappear off the plate as fast as I can cook them!

I often rustle them up with ingredients from what many people would throw into the bin; I happily use the leftovers from an earlier meal and this is how they’ve earned their trashy title.

If you’ve never made it before, bread can seem like the most terrifying of all things to cook. It uses yeast, yeast is live and if it all goes horribly wrong it could explode and line the walls of the kitchen! Eeek!

Actually, it’s nowhere near as scary and it certainly won’t explode, I promise you. But it might do a long slow rise and catch you out…like it did me…

Continue reading “My Fabulous Rubbish Flatbreads – A Step-by-Step Guide to Using Up Leftover Pasta or Rice”