It’s Time for Toilet ‘Re-Training’

With the monopoly money figures of dodgy bank dealings now turning into real money that we taxpayers will be footing the bill for, one way or another people are heartily sick of seeing their money go ‘down the pan’.

A few years back whilst idly watching the Dragons Den, I discovered a clever little device that saves money and wasted water from going the same way; it’s a flush inhibitor kit, easy to fit in your loo cistern and it’s called the Interflush.

The lav is the biggest single user of water in the house, accounting for 60 of the (average) 150 litres we each use per day.

For the past 150 years or so we’ve got into the habit of flushing a whole cistern full of it after each visit, at approximately 10 litres a pop! Continue reading “It’s Time for Toilet ‘Re-Training’”

Bean There, Done That

Butter beans waking up after an overnight soak

‘Beans, beans are good for your heart

the more you eat, the more you…….parrrrppp.’

Do you remember that one from your schooldays?

I do and what’s bizarre is some 30ish years later, kids are still coining the phrase!

In the UK we consume copious amounts of tinned baked beans. Supermarkets have been selling them as loss leaders for years in the eternal hope that you’ll fill your trolley with other things and you have to admit, they’re a yummy accompaniment to a simple meal and they represent a crucial 50% of that classic teatime duo, beans on toast.

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