Got the Sniffles? Ditch a’Tissue….(bless you)…

The only thing you'll want near your poorly beak
The only thing you'll want near your poorly beak

It’s that time of year again.

Actually, in my house, it’s been ‘that’ time of year since the kids broke up for their Christmas holidays!

There have been more coughs and colds going around the village than you could shake a snotty stick at and I’ve been rather dismayed to see one too many empty plastic wrappers for pocket-sized tissues wafting around the streets.

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Rubbish on the Radio: Non-Smelly Eco-Pits and Free Cinema Tickets

Have sustainably non-niffy-pits with a T'eo
Have sustainable non-niffy-pits with a T'eo

It’s Wednesday and time again for my weekly radio show, ‘Slow Down and Green Up’.

Between 10am-1pm today I’ll be skillfully lacing together a 3-hour extention of The Book of Rubbish Ideas, packed full of great music and chat showing you how to live more sustainbly!

Today I’ll also be talking to a very nice lady from Lush about alternatives to those spray can and ball type deoderants – both of which seem to be empty in a heartbeat and one of which you can’t even recycle.

I’ll also  give  you my own personal review of a few of their anti-armpit pong products too.

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How To: Get Started With Composting

composter-3Recently, I featured a piece by horticultural expert, lecturer and all round nice bloke, Phil Gamble

Today Phil explains the rudimentary basics of composting, how it works and what it does.

In my opinion, wintertime is the perfect time to get a compost heap going.  There are so many delicious vegetables to fill up your plates and here’s how to ensure the peelings don’t fill up your rubbish bags!
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A Rubbish Spotlight on The Magdalen Project

A selection of WWOOF'ers amongst the beans
A selection of WWOOF'ers amongst the beans

The Magdalen Project (or TMP for short) is an eco-educational centre of excellence located on the outskirts of a little Somerset village called Winsham and today they held their annual Autumn Fair.

I spent the day there demonstrating how to make my Rubbish Flatbreads and signing copies of the book and had a fantastic but exhausting day!  I must have rolled out and cooked about 120 flatbreads (some sun-dried tomato and basil and some plain white) and the visitors quaffed the lot! Continue reading “A Rubbish Spotlight on The Magdalen Project”

Recycle Your Plastic – Make Sex Fantastic

Give your partner a clue and pack a little more than their sandwiches in their briefcase...
Seduce your partner into a bit of sustainable living and pack a little more than sandwiches in their briefcase to get them on the early train home...

Now there’s a broad claim if ever I heard one…let me explain.

I did an interview with Radio Europe yesterday and the presenter was great fun to chat to and clearly in a frisky mood.

We talked through a few tips from the Kitchen chapter, we mulled over a few ideas for clothes swap parties and community based ideas for reducing your rubbish, then she hit me with, ‘You also say that living more sustainably can improve your sex life – would you like to go into a little more detail?’

Now I’m not a girl to shy away from a saucy question – if I were, I wouldn’t have covered the topic of recycling your sex toys in the Bedroom chapter – but it was early afternoon and I had to tread carefully. Continue reading “Recycle Your Plastic – Make Sex Fantastic”

Rubbish Videos – What’s Coming Soon?

What better way is there to get a message across, than to actually show it to you?

I love making films and have a little stack of them being edited as we speak (well, write, but you know what I mean)…

Over the coming weeks, I’ll be showing you: –

  • How to make flatbreads – quite the most delicious snack, easy to make and a perfect accompaniment to a dish of hummus…
  • How to get started with a compost bin and a wormery – this is going to be one short video though, you just lift the lid and sling it in!

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A Bit About the Book

So I went right through the house, room by room. I went inside and outside too, giving the garden, shed and garage a thorough prodding in the process, but it needed more. I had to explain why I felt we’d all arrived at ‘peak landfill point’ and despite many great, green initiatives, why there was still so much apparent apathy surrounding the issue of recycling and rubbish reduction in general.

The concepts I explored rolled over so many other topics and I suddenly found myself inadvertently writing a guide to solving credit crunch problems, combating addictions to shopaholism and even how to have better nookie by reducing ones levels of stress!

My original manuscript from 'The Book of Rubbish Ideas' - coloured in by my daughter!
Some of my original manuscript from 'The Book of Rubbish Ideas' - coloured in by my daughter!

I was asked to write ’The Book of Rubbish Ideas’ at the beginning of 2008 and I foolishly thought it was going to be a doddle. I write and talk about sustainable living issues for a living, I’m never short of a simple, green idea and I lean towards those that save me money and favour the environment.

By the very definition of its title, penning pages about cutting down the amount of personal and household rubbish we produce, should be an easy extension of what I witter on about everyday!

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