Calling All Armchair Activists!

We really don't need to be wrapped in plastic thank you very much!

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Ok – the cat is out of the bag…my master plan has been revealed in a blog post (see the excerpt from the ‘Kitchen‘ chapter).

I am waging a war against the hefty retailers, supermarkets in particular, and I want ‘you’ to sign up as trusty warriors – but we’ll be using words, not swords and you know what ‘they’ say about that… Continue reading “Calling All Armchair Activists!”

Sample pages – Kitchen

Click on the book cover to view the Introduction

Hi everybody

Tracey is understandably still not quite up to resuming her wonderful work here just yet so to I thought I’d leave you with another set of sample pages from the book (which is now less than a month away from being published!) I’ve uploaded the chapter on the Kitchen, which is a great example of how Tracey approaches each room in the house to completely de-clutter it and provide stacks of hints and ideas on how you can reuse, recycle and reduce. Many of the things Tracey mentions elaborate on some her posts on this blog about food rubbish, plastic rubbish and household rubbish.

Read the Kitchen Chapter from The Book of Rubbish Ideas

Plenty to read over the weekend – enjoy!


Bean There, Done That

Butter beans waking up after an overnight soak

‘Beans, beans are good for your heart

the more you eat, the more you…….parrrrppp.’

Do you remember that one from your schooldays?

I do and what’s bizarre is some 30ish years later, kids are still coining the phrase!

In the UK we consume copious amounts of tinned baked beans. Supermarkets have been selling them as loss leaders for years in the eternal hope that you’ll fill your trolley with other things and you have to admit, they’re a yummy accompaniment to a simple meal and they represent a crucial 50% of that classic teatime duo, beans on toast.

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