Sustainable Garden Pleasures: The Firewinder

The Firewinder on Glastonbury Tor
Tom, Joe and the Firewinders on Glastonbury Tor

Recently, I had the pleasure of driving with Joe Wadsworth in the Brighton to London Eco-Rally.   Aside from being a great co-driver, he’s also partly responsible for waving the flag for the ingenious Firewinder.

Here, Joe shares his views on renewable and sustainable energy, as well as letting us into the secrets behind one of the hottest eco-products to hit the market this year. 

Q – What is the Firewinder, who invented it and tell us more about them?

A Firewinder is a wind powered lantern – the Original Windlight. It was conceived by the founder of the Firewinder Company, Tom Lawton, and resembles a three foot high pasta twist with LEDs on the edges that light up when it spins in the wind. Firewinder breathes with the wind, the greater the windspeed the brighter the lights.

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The UK’s Economic Downturn Will Put Sustainable Living on the Rise

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Charles Bean, the Deputy Governor of the Bank of England warned today in a news report on the BBC, that the current global financial slowdown could “drag on for some considerable time”.

He was hopeful that growth would begin to pick up again next year and that inflation would also “drop back”, but he also understood that the squeeze on household incomes could create social issues.

I believe these ‘social issues’ will include an influx of cheap consumables and foodstuffs being shipped in from overseas and sold ‘out the back of the lorry’, rises in petty theft and shoplifting. Some supermarkets have even taken to security tagging joints of meat in an effort to discourage their light-fingered visitors.

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