Light and Shade: Me On…

May your internet searches always take you to where you want to go.

You know, technology is a wonderful thing.

Well, it is if you understand it.

Meet me – probably the most techno-thick-chick this side of Norfolk.

I cannot toggle the telly between the DVD and the TV, let alone programme the flippin’ video to tape anything. I’m constantly confused by the double light switch at the bottom of the stairs and I’m eternally grateful that the kettle has just the one on/off switch. Continue reading “Light and Shade: Me On…”

How To: Take the Chutney Challenge and Reuse Your Glass Jars

I'm having an identity crisis - I used to be a jar of tomato puree, now I'm all a pickle...

I must confess I haven’t made any chutney for a few years – I’ve been a very lucky girl and on the receiving end from a few preserve loving chums instead.

The first time I made it however, I seem to remember I was making good of a massive glut of courgettes and onions and our tomatoes were on their last legs, so it seemed like a good idea all round.

After becoming sick to the back teeth of eating courgettes in every possible way, including dolling them up as the delicious ‘Courgette Surprise’, I thought there wasn’t much else I could to do to inject excitement into the little green fellas; I couldn’t have been more wrong. Continue reading “How To: Take the Chutney Challenge and Reuse Your Glass Jars”