Scotland Announce £5M Tender for Plastics Recycling Facilities

They've got a lotta bottle
They've got a lotta bottle

The Scottish Government is inviting businesses and organisations to bid for a total of £5 million in funds from its Mixed Plastics Capital Grant Programme.

The funding is available to cover up to 30 per cent of the total investment required to develop new plastics recycling facilities in Scotland.

The £5 million programme is being officially launched in partnership with WRAP Scotland (Waste & Resources Action Programme), which will be dealing with applications and administering the scheme.

Scottish households generate over 200,000 tonnes of plastic waste every year – enough to fill a football stadium.

But, according to WRAP Scotland Director, Iain Gulland, “It’s not just households, but Scottish businesses, too, which are creating a large amount of plastics waste, and it is costing Scotland a lot of time, energy and resources to manage. However, this £5m package turns this situation into a real opportunity.”

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