Rubbish Q&A Day

Tracey ready to answer questions
Tracey is standing by her computer and is ready to answer your questions!

A quick note from Thomas:

Hi everybody and welcome to the first Book of Rubbish Ideas Q&A day. Anybody out there who wants to leave Tracey a rubbish and sustainable living related questions may do so by leaving a comment under this post and Tracey will then get busy finding an answer for you. So keep this post up, pop back and refresh often to have a look at the questions and answers as they come rolling in throughout the day.

But first, many of you submitted questions last week so Tracey has got a head start and has answered many of them already. Thanks to everybody who submitted questions and here they are with Tracey’s responses:

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Rubbish News – Southampton City Council Throw in the (Dirty) Towel

Don't overstuff bins with any of these tins - recycle!
Don't overstuff bins with any of these tins - recycle!

A rebellious Hampshire council has made a stand and rejected government guidelines to impose fines of between £75.00 and £110.00 to residents who overfill their bins.

The statement came from Councillor Gavin Dick, who told the BBC, “It’s incredible that law-abiding residents can get fined more than shoplifters”.

He added, “I can reassure residents that these measures will not be introduced. Southampton is a great example of what can be done to help residents dispose of their waste while making huge strides in helping the environment – all without the threat of whopping fines.”

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NB: I have dropped Councillor Dick a line myself and will report back with more information on this story soon!