Transition Town Initiatives in AAAAAAGGHHtion

Ok, just in case you don’t get my tenuous stab at a Halloween joke, that should be read as, ‘Action’, in a frightened and scary voice…

(All right, all right, it wasn’t that bad!)

As reported here recently, my little village is proudly on the ‘Mulling it Over‘ list of Transition Towns and our monthly meetings to discuss ways of helping our village live more sustainably are going well.

We’ve a good core of regular attendees and general interest on the project is on the rise, which is a testimony to the dedication and hard work of Michael and Sophie, the instigators of our TT initiative. Continue reading “Transition Town Initiatives in AAAAAAGGHHtion”

Rubbish movies – Fabulous Rubbish Flatbreads

See the full rubbish flatbread recipe.

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Dust Off the Lunchbox – the Holiday is Over!

Be a legend in your own lunchbox
Be a legend in your own lunchbox

6 weeks of no school has finally come to an end and as much as I love the short-Smiths, there’s only so much juggling a girl can take.

As I write my rubbish post for Wednesday morning, there’s a blessed veil of peace enveloping the house. It’s so silent you can hear the wind rustling past the razor-sharp creases of their new school trousers.

In response to Katy Wolk-Stanley’s comment on ‘A Busy Mums Top Tips for a Slim Bin‘, I thought I’d post a bite-sized selection of my favourite lunchbox contenders to tempt ‘you’ into ditching the expensive pre-packed snacks, in favour of a bit of homemade nosh. Continue reading “Dust Off the Lunchbox – the Holiday is Over!”

Hamster Goes in Search of Soup

I had a bit of a frantic afternoon yesterday.

The phone rang a little after 5pm and it was the admission’s lady from the local hospital. They were offering me a cancellation slot for a bit of surgery I need – nothing serious I might add, before you reach for the phone to send flowers and fruit…

It’s my wisdom fangs you see, irritating extras so they are and this morning I’ll be donning one of those attractive little gowns that leave the spots on your bottom on show to the world and his wife and I’ll be off to have them whipped out.

Thankfully, yesterday was veg box delivery day and I have a selection of delicious yummies that will be either honey roasted or just plain chopped, cooked and blitzed into soups, because my poorly chops won’t feel up to much for a few days.

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