Rubbish on the Radio – 17th December 10am-1pm

‘Tis midweek again  – yippee!

My regular rubbish readers will know I broadcast a radio show called ‘Slow Down and Green Up’ on Apple every Wednesday, between 10am and 1pm (GMT).

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Be The Apple of My Eye

apple-am-logoIt’s Wednesday!

It’s also, quite possibly, my favourite day of the week.

Today I broadcast, Slow Down and Green Up on Apple AM.  It’s the Musgrove Park Hospital Radio channel in Taunton and I’ve been spinning the disks there for a couple of years.

As well as playing some of the best contemporary, modern and classic music tracks, I have an array of excellent guests who have their fingers on the green pulse, I do eco-gadget and new book reviews, I keep you up to speed with UK and world environmental news and of course, I lace it all together with my top tips on how to reduce your rubbish and live a simpler, happier life.

I’ll be in the chair from 10am (GMT) today through to 1pm today and every Wednesday and I’d be delighted if you’d join me for the ride.

All you need to do is hop onto and click on ‘Listen Live‘; for my sins, there’s even a web cam so you can watch the madness unfold in the studio too.

If you’d like me to play you a track, give the studio a call on 01823 342 591 and I’ll see what I can dig out of the library and if you want me to investigate something slow and green, give me a call too.  If I can’t help you immediately, I’ll snout about for the answer and tell you next week.

So please join me for 3 hours of top green entertainment and eclectic banter and I’ll ease you gently into the afternoon.

Rubbishly yours,


This ‘Woman’s Hour’ Has Arrived!

Jenni Murray from BBC Radio 4, Woman's Hour

Dearest all, I’m in London and currently looking out of a window onto the world and the clock is ticking along, getting ever closer to 1am – eek!

I had a call late yesterday from Radio 4 (as you do) asking if I could just whip up to Town and go do Woman’s Hour?  Well, as you know, I’m not a girl to shy away from a bit of media, so I grabbed the opportunity to chinwag with the iconic Jenni Murray in a heartbeat!

The only trouble was/is, I have to be in the studio at 8am and the current laws of physics won’t allow for me to get up there from my neck of the woods with time to spare and as the Tardis is in for a service and MOT, I thought it best if I come up the night before.

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My Top Ten Tips for Downshifting Success – Part 2 (Tips 6-10)

See yesterday’s post for Part 1

Image courtesy of The Green Pen
Image courtesy of The Green Pen

6. Cook a meal using seasonal, local ingredients, preferably organic

It’s so easy to get to the end of a hard week and say, ‘I’m having that take-away because I have worked hard and I deserve it’. The same motivations can also encourage you to buy ready-made, pre-packed options at the supermarket.

However, in a great many cases, it takes you as long if not longer to heat through these chemically enhanced, over-packed delights, as it does to cook something far more delicious from fresh.

You could save a fortune cooking simple recipes from scratch, using quality, raw ingredients and you don’t have to be a chef to put together a few basic, wholesome meals.

Soups can be really quick to prepare and consider using ‘normally’ shaped vegetables from local farm shops, not the perfectly shaped ones the supermarkets claim we ‘demand’.

Food miles are very important. If it’s been harvested locally, it’s probably fresher and more nutritious than something that has travelled half way around the world.


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Passion for the Planet receives Green Guardian Award

passion-for-the-planet-logoPassion for the Planet has just received a Special Commendation in the “Green Business” category at this year’s Green Guardian Awards.

The awards are designed to recognise businesses, individuals, schools and projects that are making a positive difference to their local environment.

Passion for the Planet is the UK’s only radio station focusing on health and environmental issues, and their commitment to the environment doesn’t stop there. Sustainability and caring for the planet and its people are also core to the company’s ethos.

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