Your ‘Toxic Moment’ May Be Coming…

Ditch bottles and boxes - go soapnuts!
Ditch bottles and boxes - go soapnuts!

A toxic moment?

What on earth are you talking about woman?

(Note: ‘on earth’ being the important words here.)

I had my definitive toxic moment in 2005 – here’s a little background to it.

I was researching for an article I was writing on cleaning products, having read yet another piece on the rising rates of respiratory illnesses and skin complaints and the links that were being made to the toxic chemicals found in everyday cleaning goods.

Further investigation found a very provocative piece on the BBC news website talking about, ‘Chemicals found in perfumes and cleaning products crossing the placenta and reaching the baby in the womb’; see below for further details.

Generally speaking, the manufacturers tell us the levels of chemicals used in these products are ‘safe’ and ‘their’ research supports this, but nobody has tested for problems caused by the cumulative effects to the users of Chemical Cleaning Product A, Product B, C, D, E and so on…

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