It Makes Home Scents!

It’s always great to hear from a friend with some hot eco-news, especially when it recognises their hard work and commitment to spreading the good, green word.

Today, I received a note from the lovely Judith Mathias, co-founder of Home Scents and Baby Scents up in Northumberland.

Alongside husband John, she produces a range of natural products that are, ‘kind to us and the planet and that keep your environment free of toxins‘.

They believe that totally pure products with honest labelling are the way forward; they’re against animal testing and do not use ingredients that have been tested on animals either. Continue reading “It Makes Home Scents!”

Essentially, Oil You Need to Know

A beautiful hummingbird moth hard at work on the lavender in my garden

Sorry, I couldn’t resist the pun…

Essential oils have been used for centuries; the Egyptians favoured them for all sorts of things including cleansing and preserving the bodies and organs of their Pharaohs and dignitaries, but I use them for slightly less exotic cleaning jobs, like freshening up the downstairs loo (giving the bowl a wip wap with antibacterial tea tree oil and lemon for a freshener) and as a key ingredient in the machine’s rinse tray (6 drops of my oil of choice instead of fabric conditioner) when washing our clothes.

There are lots of pure oils and many well known blends and I’ve found this tremendous list on the good old Wikipedia that will give you an insight to their common uses.

Once you discover how versatile and powerful a few tiny drops can be, you’ll soon be able to eliminate a great many of the chemically laden plastic bottles of cleaning jollop that are probably lurking under your kitchen sink. Continue reading “Essentially, Oil You Need to Know”

What a Bloody Nuisance!

Don’t panic love – I’m not throwing all the toys out of my pram – I’m talking periods.

And before you read any further, I warn you, this isn’t going to be like those laughable adverts that show menstrual products with blue liquid on them (who on earth thought that gem up), this posting is going to be fact-packed and will tell it like it is.

I’m talking belly cramp, backache, the ultimate nightmare of getting caught short, the irritation factor of VAT on sanitary wear, chemical intervention to give us whiter than white products, biodegradation in landfill and the ever rising costs of a box of your monthly whatsits! Continue reading “What a Bloody Nuisance!”