Ricochet on the Hunt for Extreme Downshifters


I had a call from a producer at Ricochet (the guys that made the No Going Back series. 

As we have so many readers here who are on a quest for a simpler, happier downshifted life, I thought I’d post her request!

I am interested in talking to people who have made an extreme downshift for a treatment I am writing for a documentary film.

Have you left a metropolitan lifestyle to go and live in the wilds?

Maybe you want a different challenge from life, get off the grid, live off the land or just get out of the rat race.

Maybe you are working a traditional croft in the wilds of Scotland or perhaps you’re living taking 6 months out of the rat race to live an alternative life in a tepee.

If you and your family have made a move like this in the last few years and would like to share you story, please email me ASAP!

liz.dyson@ricochet.co.uk or call me on 01273 224 800.

Liz Dyson | Senior Producer

Pacific House
126 Dyke Road
Brighton BN1 3TE
T: 01273 224800
F: 01273 770350

Is this you? 

If so, why not give it a go!

Rubbishly yours,

TS x