Have Yourself a Rubbish Little Christmas!

How about a little recycled vinyl in your Christmas stocking?
How about a little recycled vinyl in your Christmas stocking?

Oh boy.

I’ve relented.

It’s December and I’ve finally come around to the idea of thinking about Christmas.

It’s not that I don’t like it; on the contrary, Christmas time is great. I just cannot stomach all the hype and perpetual consumer pressure that seems to start bearing down on us from about mid-October.

Anyway, over the weekend I spent a little time hopping around in cyberspace seeking out a few inexpensive, minimal-rubbish flavoured things to add to Santa’s list and I thought I’d share my findings with you, my rubbish-loving chums!

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Great, Green London (and Minimal Rubbish)

Not too many crowds to battle by the fountain at Trafalgar

I’ve just returned from one of the most satisfying short-breaks I’ve ever had.

I didn’t go far, I didn’t spend much either and my carbon footprint almost had a halo on it.

I swapped houses with a great friend (who also has 3 children) and it was fab! No money changed hands, we had no faff or palaver with check in and out times, no flight to catch or be delayed with, we had a fridge and cupboards full of ‘normal’ food and there wasn’t a disposable sachet of shampoo or shower gel in sight and no individual tea-bags wrapped in bizarre paper overcoats either.

It really was ‘a home from home’ with all the comforts that come with it and the simple fact that it was a different set of walls to knock around in made it feel like a proper holiday.

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