Rubbish on the Radio: Frugal Organic Veggie Boxes and More

Smithy's spreading the green message on the airwaves again
Smithy's spreading the green message on the airwaves again

Morning all!

Oh, I’ve been well and truly told off by my regulars here – lolol – ‘Where’s yer postings missus?’ you’ve been asking.

Well, I must confess, now we’re in 2009, I’ll be sloping off a bit and posting less frequently than once a day, as I have to crack on with my next book, The Great British Downshift which is an incredibly exciting project.

Anyway, I do have a few bits to put on here and will get them up in the coming days (honest guv), but for today, a super shortie!

I’m just about to head off to the radio studio once again (how I love Wednesdays) and between 10 and 1 I’ll be broadcasting ‘Slow Down and Green Up’ on Apple AM

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Your Rubbish Mission, Should You Choose to Accept it…

Is to take part in my rubbish poll – please click below for the rest of the questions!

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Is There Such a Thing as a Free Lunch?

lovefoodhatewasteOr even a cheap lunch come to that?

A survey commissioned for the Love Food Hate Waste campaign suggests that British workers are shelling out £5.5bn on shop-bought lunches each year, while they leave almost the same value of perfectly good lunch foods at home to go off.

Ham, bread, cheese, cold meats and other typical sandwich and lunchbox foods such as fruit, crisps and yoghurts are forgotten and eventually binned, to the tune of £5.06bn every year, while we buy sandwiches and take-aways at lunchtime.

2.1 million tonnes of food fit for a packed lunch are still heading to landfill each year, including:

  • £821m worth of breads (530,000 tonnes)
  • £94m worth of sliced meats (23,000 tonnes)

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Fancy trying The Rubbish Diet?

We’re lucky enough to have another guest poster today so thank you to Karen Cannard (who you may know better as Almost Mrs Average) from the The Rubbish Diet blog for today’s piece.


“I am so frazzled at the edges” pleaded the voice at the end of the phone.

“I’ve hardly had any sleep.  Spent yesterday in London.  Got home to Somerset to find the car had given up on me. Had to get up at the crack o’dawn to do my weekly radio show in Taunton. I was late.  I hate being late. Then had to sort out a blimmin’ hire car to get to Bristol for some important charity work at NACOA.  I’m still in Bristol.  My blogpost has done a disappearing act.  It’s 8.30pm.  I’ve got a 90 minute drive home and I just need to go to bed!” Continue reading “Fancy trying The Rubbish Diet?”

Sample pages – Kitchen

Click on the book cover to view the Introduction

Hi everybody

Tracey is understandably still not quite up to resuming her wonderful work here just yet so to I thought I’d leave you with another set of sample pages from the book (which is now less than a month away from being published!) I’ve uploaded the chapter on the Kitchen, which is a great example of how Tracey approaches each room in the house to completely de-clutter it and provide stacks of hints and ideas on how you can reuse, recycle and reduce. Many of the things Tracey mentions elaborate on some her posts on this blog about food rubbish, plastic rubbish and household rubbish.

Read the Kitchen Chapter from The Book of Rubbish Ideas

Plenty to read over the weekend – enjoy!


Hamster Goes in Search of Soup

I had a bit of a frantic afternoon yesterday.

The phone rang a little after 5pm and it was the admission’s lady from the local hospital. They were offering me a cancellation slot for a bit of surgery I need – nothing serious I might add, before you reach for the phone to send flowers and fruit…

It’s my wisdom fangs you see, irritating extras so they are and this morning I’ll be donning one of those attractive little gowns that leave the spots on your bottom on show to the world and his wife and I’ll be off to have them whipped out.

Thankfully, yesterday was veg box delivery day and I have a selection of delicious yummies that will be either honey roasted or just plain chopped, cooked and blitzed into soups, because my poorly chops won’t feel up to much for a few days.

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