Recycle Your Plastic – Make Sex Fantastic

Give your partner a clue and pack a little more than their sandwiches in their briefcase...
Seduce your partner into a bit of sustainable living and pack a little more than sandwiches in their briefcase to get them on the early train home...

Now there’s a broad claim if ever I heard one…let me explain.

I did an interview with Radio Europe yesterday and the presenter was great fun to chat to and clearly in a frisky mood.

We talked through a few tips from the Kitchen chapter, we mulled over a few ideas for clothes swap parties and community based ideas for reducing your rubbish, then she hit me with, ‘You also say that living more sustainably can improve your sex life – would you like to go into a little more detail?’

Now I’m not a girl to shy away from a saucy question – if I were, I wouldn’t have covered the topic of recycling your sex toys in the Bedroom chapter – but it was early afternoon and I had to tread carefully. Continue reading “Recycle Your Plastic – Make Sex Fantastic”