My Top Ten Tips for Downshifting Success – Part 2 (Tips 6-10)

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Image courtesy of The Green Pen
Image courtesy of The Green Pen

6. Cook a meal using seasonal, local ingredients, preferably organic

It’s so easy to get to the end of a hard week and say, ‘I’m having that take-away because I have worked hard and I deserve it’. The same motivations can also encourage you to buy ready-made, pre-packed options at the supermarket.

However, in a great many cases, it takes you as long if not longer to heat through these chemically enhanced, over-packed delights, as it does to cook something far more delicious from fresh.

You could save a fortune cooking simple recipes from scratch, using quality, raw ingredients and you don’t have to be a chef to put together a few basic, wholesome meals.

Soups can be really quick to prepare and consider using ‘normally’ shaped vegetables from local farm shops, not the perfectly shaped ones the supermarkets claim we ‘demand’.

Food miles are very important. If it’s been harvested locally, it’s probably fresher and more nutritious than something that has travelled half way around the world.


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How To: Take the Chutney Challenge and Reuse Your Glass Jars

I'm having an identity crisis - I used to be a jar of tomato puree, now I'm all a pickle...

I must confess I haven’t made any chutney for a few years – I’ve been a very lucky girl and on the receiving end from a few preserve loving chums instead.

The first time I made it however, I seem to remember I was making good of a massive glut of courgettes and onions and our tomatoes were on their last legs, so it seemed like a good idea all round.

After becoming sick to the back teeth of eating courgettes in every possible way, including dolling them up as the delicious ‘Courgette Surprise’, I thought there wasn’t much else I could to do to inject excitement into the little green fellas; I couldn’t have been more wrong. Continue reading “How To: Take the Chutney Challenge and Reuse Your Glass Jars”