A Weekend of Talking Rubbish!

Hi all!

Just a shortie, boy have I got a packed weekend ahead of me. 

On Saturday, I’ll be broadcasting an hour of my ‘Slow Down and Green Up’ radio show (usual slot every Wednesday between 10 and 1pm) in celebration of the fact that our radio station has been broadcasting for 40 years to the hospital and 5 years as Apple AM!

If you’re near a computer between 1 and 2pm today, hop onto www.AppleAM.com and click ‘Listen Live’ to hear my mini-eco-show!

And tomorrow, if you’re around in the Oxford area and looking for something to do, I’ll be doing a ‘thing’ at the Dorchester Literery and Arts Festival, see www.DorchesterFestival.com for details – I’m listed under ‘Something Different’ – that sounds about right…..  I’ll be giving a reading from my Book of Rubbish Ideas and demonstrating how you can make my Fabulous Rubbish Flatbreads too – tasty all round!

Then on Monday, I’ll be doing nothing except playing with the kids and poking a nose into my latest can’t put down read, Globestiy, A planet out of control….its compulsive reading for want of a better expression…

Anyway, I hope this finds you all in fine fettle and be sure to do something nice with your loved ones over the Bank Holiday weekend!

Rubbishly yours,

TS x

Be The Apple of My Eye

apple-am-logoIt’s Wednesday!

It’s also, quite possibly, my favourite day of the week.

Today I broadcast, Slow Down and Green Up on Apple AM.  It’s the Musgrove Park Hospital Radio channel in Taunton and I’ve been spinning the disks there for a couple of years.

As well as playing some of the best contemporary, modern and classic music tracks, I have an array of excellent guests who have their fingers on the green pulse, I do eco-gadget and new book reviews, I keep you up to speed with UK and world environmental news and of course, I lace it all together with my top tips on how to reduce your rubbish and live a simpler, happier life.

I’ll be in the chair from 10am (GMT) today through to 1pm today and every Wednesday and I’d be delighted if you’d join me for the ride.

All you need to do is hop onto www.AppleAM.com and click on ‘Listen Live‘; for my sins, there’s even a web cam so you can watch the madness unfold in the studio too.

If you’d like me to play you a track, give the studio a call on 01823 342 591 and I’ll see what I can dig out of the library and if you want me to investigate something slow and green, give me a call too.  If I can’t help you immediately, I’ll snout about for the answer and tell you next week.

So please join me for 3 hours of top green entertainment and eclectic banter and I’ll ease you gently into the afternoon.

Rubbishly yours,


A Bit About the Author

Tracey Smith is just an everyday gal, a wife, a mum and a very proud downshifter. “I’ve a passion for writing and I love spreading the word about simple, green and sustainable living…to a fault sometimes.”

Tracey Smith

But before I get to that, thanks for wanting to look!

There’s not much to say here really – I’m nothing special – just an everyday gal, a wife, a mum and a very proud downshifter. I’ve a passion for writing and I love spreading the word about simple, green and sustainable living…to a fault sometimes.

I’ve been in the doghouse on more than one occasion for putting my ‘work head’ on and going off on one about some green issue or other, when I really shouldn’t have, but I can’t help it. The other week, I was milling around Bridport with my husband and there was a stand outside the Art’s Centre with a very nice man from Recycle Now and another from West Dorset’s recycling department. I was dragged away, politely (ish) by Ray who reminded me that it was actually our wedding anniversary and asked me nicely if I could, ‘Just shut up for a bit’.

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