How To: Get Started With Composting

composter-3Recently, I featured a piece by horticultural expert, lecturer and all round nice bloke, Phil Gamble

Today Phil explains the rudimentary basics of composting, how it works and what it does.

In my opinion, wintertime is the perfect time to get a compost heap going.  There are so many delicious vegetables to fill up your plates and here’s how to ensure the peelings don’t fill up your rubbish bags!
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How To: Get Down and Dirty Together, Creating Community Soil

‘Bigger, better food is waiting in your compost heap.’

givernyI recently caught up with a delightful man and a horticultural expert, Phil Gamble.

Trained at Cannington College, Somerset in it’s heyday, Philip’s background includes two posts as Head Gardener and ten years on the lecturing staff at Kingston Maurward College, Dorchester. He’s an established freelance lecturer and popular speaker, he’s an experienced garden guide, practical demonstrator and photographer.

He’s busy with designs for two clients at the moment in between his programme of illustrated talks, short courses and garden days.

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Peace and Carrots

It seems like a blink-of-an-eye ago that I was trying to decide where to plant my tomatoes and chilli peppers. “Get the sun in them girl”, my neighbour said and I plumped for an all day, full-on sun position – not that we’ve seen much of that this year, but anyway…

Now, the summer veggies are on their last legs and the pumpkins are juicing up, ready to be turned into soup and lanterns for night time adventures on Halloween and the 5th November.

I’m no Charlie Dimmock; I’m an expert novice and very comfortable with that status. Since my major downshift in 2002, with varying degrees each year, I’ve tried to plant and/or rear as much food as I had time to, for my lovely family. Adopting this approach has helped with our finances, our collective health, my general level of chill and it has a minimal impact on our rubbish bin too. Continue reading “Peace and Carrots”