Rubbish Interview: With Danny Carnegie, creator of UK Aware

Creator of UK AWARE, Danny Carnegie
Creator of UK AWARE, Danny Carnegie

As the founder of UK AWARE, 33-year old Danny Carnegie takes comfort in his perception that he’s just an average Joe. He plays football once a week, he loves snowboarding, he never wears matching socks, he doesn’t enjoy going to weddings, he comes from a one parent family, he lives in a three bed semi in west London and he still works full time as a fire fighter.

He’s just a regular bloke who realises that we, ‘normal’ people/consumers are the ones who hold one of the keys to fighting climate change. He passionately believes that the masses need easy, green options to be as available and acceptable as conventional ones, ‘If they were made accessible, then which sane person wouldn’t choose them?’

What does ‘eco’ mean to you and why are you so motivated to spread the word about living more sustainably?

To me, being eco means living in a way that you can morally justify to yourself whilst considering the impact that your choices have on the world. I also feel it includes gently encouraging people to think a little more about the options they have and the impact that their choices have.

It doesn’t mean that you can’t still enjoy a comfortable modern lifestyle; it just means that you should consider for a moment longer what is really important to you.

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Rubbish Interviews – Kate McFarland

Kate McFarland surrounding herself with rubbish!
Kate McFarland surrounding herself with rubbish!

It’s always good to hear viewpoints from ‘the other side’ and the inspirational Kate McFarland is now the Assistant Waste Partnership and Strategy Officer for Norfolk County Council.

In the book, she offers great insight to the ‘Zero Waste Week’ initiatives that are taking place around the country and in this extended interview, she gives up her thoughts to a few chewy questions and has one absolute flight of sustainable fancy!


Q1) Is it true what ‘they’ are telling us about landfill?

Are we really running out of time to use this option to get rid of our black bags and if so, what’s going to happen next?

A1) In the words of the dog from that insurance advert, “Ooooooh yes!”

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