Your Rubbish Mission, Should You Choose to Accept it…

Is to take part in my rubbish poll – please click below for the rest of the questions!

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Rubbish Q&A Day

Tracey ready to answer questions
Tracey is standing by her computer and is ready to answer your questions!

A quick note from Thomas:

Hi everybody and welcome to the first Book of Rubbish Ideas Q&A day. Anybody out there who wants to leave Tracey a rubbish and sustainable living related questions may do so by leaving a comment under this post and Tracey will then get busy finding an answer for you. So keep this post up, pop back and refresh often to have a look at the questions and answers as they come rolling in throughout the day.

But first, many of you submitted questions last week so Tracey has got a head start and has answered many of them already. Thanks to everybody who submitted questions and here they are with Tracey’s responses:

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Click4Carbon’s Top Rubbish Tips

Claire Russell from Click4Carbon
Claire Russell from Click4Carbon


I had a lovely chat with a very busy and gorgeous Claire Russell, founder of the recently launched environmental website Click4Carbon, who were featured on Sky News earlier this week.

Here she talks about the concept behind her innovative website and explains why she believes those little things in life really can make a big difference to our environment. Continue reading “Click4Carbon’s Top Rubbish Tips”

A Rubbish Spotlight on The Magdalen Project

A selection of WWOOF'ers amongst the beans
A selection of WWOOF'ers amongst the beans

The Magdalen Project (or TMP for short) is an eco-educational centre of excellence located on the outskirts of a little Somerset village called Winsham and today they held their annual Autumn Fair.

I spent the day there demonstrating how to make my Rubbish Flatbreads and signing copies of the book and had a fantastic but exhausting day!  I must have rolled out and cooked about 120 flatbreads (some sun-dried tomato and basil and some plain white) and the visitors quaffed the lot! Continue reading “A Rubbish Spotlight on The Magdalen Project”