I Feel Like a Right Twitterer!

I'm now on Twitter!

My dear chum Craig McGinty has introduced me to a bit of techno-gadgetry and for a change, I understand how to use it and actually, I quite like it!

It’s known as Twitter and I’ve been ‘Twittering’ for a few days now.  It’s a great way of keeping your finger on the pulse of what the people you like are writing and talking about.

If you want to keep up with what I’ve penned here on the Rubbish blog everyday, you can either tap in the whole web address and come see, or you could subscribe via to the RSS feed (by bookmarking this page) and you’d get a short buzz on your toolbar to tell you when I’ve added a new piece.

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Channel ‘M’ for ‘My God, It’s Early!’

channel-m-logoYou cannot beat a bit of telly for getting a message across and give me a live set any day; pre-recording is for wimps.

So I jumped at an invitation from Channel M to head up to Manchester and sit on the breakfast couch with Michelle and Byron to talk ‘Rubbish’.

They sent me a brief, which was anything but.  It was a packed-out page of A4 covering 8 different rooms and they’d selected 2 or 3 tips from each of them.  This wasn’t going to be a short and sweetie; they really wanted to plunge into the bin!

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