You Great Knit!

My wierd and wonderful wool

Where is your Nan when you need her most?

Unfortunately, my lovely Nan passed away many years ago, but I remember her voice, laughter and cuddles like she was here only yesterday.

She taught me so much; how to be patient, how to cook, how to grow a few things in the garden, how to enjoy your own company and how to knit, amongst others.

Most of the important stuff has remained lodged in my head but the knitting thing has been sadly lost with the passage of time.  Well, I say lost, it’s not completely gone, I remembered a few of the basics and felt sure it would all come flooding back if I could just find a prompt.

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How To: Make Crafty Rubbish Cards

Click on all the pictures to get a whopper view of what I've been up to.

Oh, I’ve been a naughty chick today.

I really should have been tap, tap, tapping away on the keyboard, but my dear chum Izzy twisted my arm and convinced me I needed to accompany her on a visit to a couple of local craft shops instead – so I did

We hung up our usual weekday workie hats and had a bit of girlie respite, which was very restorative indeed.

We set off with a tiny budget and a mission; we wanted to gather a few essentials for card making projects – have you seen how expensive they are in the stores these days?  I haven’t bought one for years, but I poked my head into a high street favourite the other day on reconnaissance and spluttered and choked at the prices! Continue reading “How To: Make Crafty Rubbish Cards”

How To: ‘Enjoy’ a Rubbish Children’s Party!

Instead of baking cupcakes, how about knitting them? A 'crafty' way to adapt a party junk-food standard into something fun and creative.
Instead of baking cupcakes, how about knitting them? A 'crafty' way to make a party junk-food standard into something fun and creative. (Cupcakes courtesy of Thomas's Mum!)

By that I mean, how to have all the fun without creating a great stack of trash!

Children’s parties are big business and they have become expensive nightmares filled with plastic tat, most of which ends up in the bin the minute the guests head home.

Here are some of my top tips for taking parties ‘back’ to what they used to be; simple, fun events that celebrate your child’s special day!

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Start a Crafty Group and Reuse Your Rubbish

Doh, ray, me, fah, SEW, la, ti, doh!
Doh, ray, me, fah, SEW, la, ti, doh!

I’ll lay a bet you have one or two craft books on your shelves at home.

Everybody does, it’s almost the law to have a couple, but how often do you pick them up and have a good look through?

Consider this a rubbishy prompt.

The nights are drawing in already, the outlook for autumn weather is lousy and this is a perfect time to think about starting up a little crafty group.

It doesn’t have to a grand affair, a few friends is all you need to get going and you might find yourself pleasantly surprised in a few weeks time when you’ve snowballed to quite a gathering (er, just ignore that bit about ‘snow’)… Continue reading “Start a Crafty Group and Reuse Your Rubbish”

Sample pages – Study (and the book’s been released!)

Click on the book cover to view the Introduction

Hi everybody

I thought I’d use today’s post to formally announce the release of The Book of Rubbish Ideas. It will start hitting the shelves today and you should start to hear more about it in the press. You can also now purchase it online here

Thank you to everybody for showing so much support, both on and off the blog, and as a small way of showing our appreciation I have posted another set of sample pages for you to look at. I’ve selected the brilliant chapter on things to do in the Study to reduce electric, paper and other household rubbish.

Read the Study Chapter from The Book of Rubbish Ideas

In the meantime Tracey will continue to make this blog as interesting, informative and inspiration as possible. There’s still a lot more to come so bookmark the RSS feed, pop back daily and please share your comments and ideas with us.