The Woodland Trust Launches Their Annual Christmas Card Recycling Campaign

Coronation Street's Samia Smith really digs the Christmas Card Recycling Scheme
Coronation Street's Samia Smith really digs the Christmas Card Recycling Scheme

The resources section at the back of The Book of Rubbish Ideas is packed out with some of the most inspirational, eco-friendly innovators and The Woodland Trust is no exception.  

They do incredible work protecting and planting new areas of woodland and ensuring we have lots of lovely clean air to breathe!

Recently, I caught up with Robert Lane from the Trust and asked how the plans were going for this year’s Christmas Card Recycling Scheme and how my readers could get involved.

He told me, “If everyone in the UK recycled just one Christmas card with The Woodland Trust this year, the UK’s leading woodland conservation charity would be able to plant 15,000 trees!”

Now imagine how many trees the charity could plant if everyone recycles all their cards in the special bins at W H Smith, Tesco, TK Maxx and Marks & Spencer stores, throughout January. The cards are recycled which generates money, which the Woodland Trust uses to create new woods in the UK.

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My Top Ten Tips for Downshifting Success – Part 2 (Tips 6-10)

See yesterday’s post for Part 1

Image courtesy of The Green Pen
Image courtesy of The Green Pen

6. Cook a meal using seasonal, local ingredients, preferably organic

It’s so easy to get to the end of a hard week and say, ‘I’m having that take-away because I have worked hard and I deserve it’. The same motivations can also encourage you to buy ready-made, pre-packed options at the supermarket.

However, in a great many cases, it takes you as long if not longer to heat through these chemically enhanced, over-packed delights, as it does to cook something far more delicious from fresh.

You could save a fortune cooking simple recipes from scratch, using quality, raw ingredients and you don’t have to be a chef to put together a few basic, wholesome meals.

Soups can be really quick to prepare and consider using ‘normally’ shaped vegetables from local farm shops, not the perfectly shaped ones the supermarkets claim we ‘demand’.

Food miles are very important. If it’s been harvested locally, it’s probably fresher and more nutritious than something that has travelled half way around the world.


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How To: Make Crafty Rubbish Cards

Click on all the pictures to get a whopper view of what I've been up to.

Oh, I’ve been a naughty chick today.

I really should have been tap, tap, tapping away on the keyboard, but my dear chum Izzy twisted my arm and convinced me I needed to accompany her on a visit to a couple of local craft shops instead – so I did

We hung up our usual weekday workie hats and had a bit of girlie respite, which was very restorative indeed.

We set off with a tiny budget and a mission; we wanted to gather a few essentials for card making projects – have you seen how expensive they are in the stores these days?  I haven’t bought one for years, but I poked my head into a high street favourite the other day on reconnaissance and spluttered and choked at the prices! Continue reading “How To: Make Crafty Rubbish Cards”

Sample pages – Study (and the book’s been released!)

Click on the book cover to view the Introduction

Hi everybody

I thought I’d use today’s post to formally announce the release of The Book of Rubbish Ideas. It will start hitting the shelves today and you should start to hear more about it in the press. You can also now purchase it online here

Thank you to everybody for showing so much support, both on and off the blog, and as a small way of showing our appreciation I have posted another set of sample pages for you to look at. I’ve selected the brilliant chapter on things to do in the Study to reduce electric, paper and other household rubbish.

Read the Study Chapter from The Book of Rubbish Ideas

In the meantime Tracey will continue to make this blog as interesting, informative and inspiration as possible. There’s still a lot more to come so bookmark the RSS feed, pop back daily and please share your comments and ideas with us.