Channel ‘M’ for ‘My God, It’s Early!’

channel-m-logoYou cannot beat a bit of telly for getting a message across and give me a live set any day; pre-recording is for wimps.

So I jumped at an invitation from Channel M to head up to Manchester and sit on the breakfast couch with Michelle and Byron to talk ‘Rubbish’.

They sent me a brief, which was anything but.  It was a packed-out page of A4 covering 8 different rooms and they’d selected 2 or 3 tips from each of them.  This wasn’t going to be a short and sweetie; they really wanted to plunge into the bin!

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Hot off the press!

Tracey posing for the paparazzi
Tracey posing for the paparazzi

Hi all, Thomas here to give you the breaking news that I’ve just added a Press page to this blog where you can find links to all the print and online reviews, interviews and articles about The Book Rubbish of Ideas and Tracey.

Actually, at the moment it seems that you can’t turn on the radio, open a magazine or newspaper, or surf the internet without running across a mention of our Rubbish Author and her brilliant book. OK, so maybe she hasn’t quite got the media exposure of this guy but I reckon she’s still doing pretty well and she’s now got herself a television appearance. Those of you who are early risers and are able to tune in, mark 7:30am Monday 17th November 2008 in your diary to see Tracey on Channel M – TV For Manchester

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