Your Rubbish Mission, Should You Choose to Accept it…

Is to take part in my rubbish poll – please click below for the rest of the questions!

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Rubbish Interviews: We’re Only Making Plans for Nigel (‘s Eco Store)

Nigel and Nigel from Nigels Eco Store
Nigel and Nigel from Nigel's Eco Store

On a completely unrelated side note, for those of you too young to remember, the above was a fantastic song by XTC.

Back to business: Today I’m talking ‘shopping’.  Eek, shopping?  Yes, well, I’m not a complete non-consumer you know, but I am very selective. 

Nigel’s Eco Store is an award winning online retailer of environmentally friendly products I know you’ll love. Inspired by stylish, innovative and functional eco design, Nigel has handpicked a variety of products and gifts that’ll help you to save money, reduce your carbon footprint and live a more planet-friendly life.

There’s something for everyone including home furnishings, kitchenware, gadgets, office products, kids toys and energy saving devices. All products are environmentally sound, made of organic, recycled and energy efficient materials that will not only look great in your home, but will help to reduce your contribution to global warming.

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The Credit Crunch is Swamping British Environmental Intentions

But being environmentally friendly need not cost a thing, according to the 2008 Environmental Attitudes Report.

Claire Russell with her family
Claire Russell with her family
Last week we featured Claire Russell of Click4Carbon, a green portal that gives us a new way to support eco-friendly projects and find out all we need to know via the Internet. 

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Click4Carbon’s Top Rubbish Tips

Claire Russell from Click4Carbon
Claire Russell from Click4Carbon


I had a lovely chat with a very busy and gorgeous Claire Russell, founder of the recently launched environmental website Click4Carbon, who were featured on Sky News earlier this week.

Here she talks about the concept behind her innovative website and explains why she believes those little things in life really can make a big difference to our environment. Continue reading “Click4Carbon’s Top Rubbish Tips”

What About China?

Hi everybody, Thomas here.

Call it shameless cross promotional if you will, but I thought it would be a good way to start the week by introducing you all to the What About China? blog. The What About China? book was released in July this year and as we have done with this blog, we created the What About China? blog to provide further discussion and information online.

Your may be wondering what a title like What About China? is supposed to suggest. Well, the idea behind the book and the blog was that at the moment there are many awkward questions about climate change flying about and many people hide behind these questions to avoid taking responsibility by doing their bit. So we want to provide the answers to those questions in order to counter the excuses that people use to avoid reducing their carbon footprint.

One of the classic questions is “What is the point of doing anything about climate change, when China opens a new power station every week”. Hence, “What About China?” The answer to that question is actually quite simple and a little scary – Continue reading “What About China?”