Save Money, Reduce Rubbish: Workshops with Tracey

Tracey Smith teaching bread making workshops at Lyme Regis, Dorset
Tracey puts the eco-into easy bread making with fabulous frugal recipes

The Book of Rubbish Ideas positively celebrates reducing waste in your home and keeping more money in your pocket by being savvy with some of your shopping ideas.

Of course, cooking from fresh is a terrific way of combining both and I’ve been doing it for years.  I started making simple recipe loaves and rolls when the children were born.  I wanted to take more charge of what was going into the bellies of my babies and I soon realised, it was a very fulfilling process too.

But being a busy mother of three, I also realised I didn’t have much spare time to indulge either…who does!

So I started ‘tweaking’ the recipes and fiddling around with kneading methods too and I devised a way of reducing the time and effort needed to make it and a way to save pounds and pennies too by incorporating some of the usual kitchen leftovers in the recipes.

Don’t be alarmed, I’m not talking about chopped up chicken bones or anything, I mean stuff like the last few spoons from the pan that cooked up the breakfast porridge, or a grated carrot or courgette that has gone floppy and is past it’s best….these accessible ingredients added to a dough not only reduce the rubbish that might have ended up in the bin (or hopefully the compost), but they can significantly reduce the cost you’d have spent on the raw ingredients – it’s a win, win situation!

So, I’ve put together a few 2 1/2 hour workshops to teach some of my favourite frugal recipes and I run them at a delightful little shop in Lyme Regis, the doorway to the Jurassic Coast and an area of outstanding natural beauty.

There are lots of bed and breakfast places nearby and I’d be delighted to help you find one that suits your budget and expectations, so, if you’re keen on mastering the art of easy bread making and ensuring you never go hungry again, hop onto the courses page at Magic Oxygen and see if you can find a recipe to whet your appetite!

I look forward to welcoming you down here soon, oh and gift vouchers are available too if you’re looking for a unique eco-experience to give to someone you love,

Rubbishly yours,


Comic Relief Plunges Children of Alcoholics into a Welcome Spotlight

bw11Friday the 13th March will certainly be lucky for some, especially a tiny Bristol based charity called Nacoa.

The National Association for Children of Alcoholics have been around for 19 years and calls to their helpline have grown steadily over the years; in 2007 18k, in 2008 36k.

Comic Relief are about to give them a welcome boost of publicity when they air the short film shot in their volunteer helpline room this coming Friday night.

Viewers will hear from Emma Spiegler, a Nacoa Trustee, founder of COAP and once the child of an alcoholic mother (now thankfully now in recovery and doing well). But Emma’s story wasn’t always so happy. She faced many of the typical problems experienced by thousands of children of alcohol dependent parents and often felt very isolated, at times shrouded with guilt that she had somehow been responsible for her mothers drinking, until she found Nacoa.

Hilary Henriques, the charity co-founder is also featured in the film and interviewed in this weeks Radio Times on page 22. She talks reveals the shocking truth about many of the callers to Nacoa, some as young as 7 years old.

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The Rubbish Author’s Video Appeal

[Edit from Thomas – despite what Tracey says in this video, the Q&A will occur next Monday on the 10th of November. LOL!]

[Edit from Tracey – yes, what a silly old bat I am….I had the 17th in my head because I’d just been speaking to a producer about doing a bit of telly that day……more info on that coming soon…anyway, sit back with yer popcorn and enjoy the vid….LOL!]

Has she got any or not, that’s the question…

No, seriously though, it’s just me on a chilly Tuesday night in my windy shed asking you to take part in my forthcoming Rubbish Q&A Day here at the website for The Book of Rubbish Ideas.

If you have an interest in matters green and eco and would like to help publicise it, thank you and you can.

You can either direct people to the page on YouTube where the video is being hosted by using the link or copy the embedding code from this same page and plop it on your website, blog or even in a newsletter sometime soon and preferably before next Monday!

I’ve already received a few strange questions and I’m sure they’ll get even stranger now so I’ll sign off here and let you watch it.

Big thanks for anything you can do to help spread the word!

Rubbishly yours,


Next Monday Will Be a Rubbish Q&A Day

On Monday the 10th November, I’ll be hovering over a hot keyboard and delivering live answers to your most burning rubbish and sustainable living questions!

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