Sprouting Fillers

Sprout yourself silly
Sprout yourself silly

If you’ve got my neverending lettuce’s on the go on your windowsills, well done green-fingered chum, you’re going to love this too!

Here’s another delicious filler to accompany them in salads, sandwiches and in thousands of other dishes; sprouting seeds and beans.

You’ll probably remember cultivating mustard cress at school; I do believe, along with trying to blow up your science lab by mixing exotic coloured bottles of liquid, growing cress was in fact compulsory by international law). It was fun, but it involved cotton wool, plastic boxes, water and patience. Sprouting is much easier and the results are more abundant.

Sprouting beans and seeds are one of the most nutritional forms of raw foods you can get and it’ll come as no surprise, I’m going to urge you to buy the organic versions of. They’re packed with vitamins, minerals, enzymes and proteins, which might not sound instantly appealing but your body will love them. Continue reading “Sprouting Fillers”

Spend a Few Pounds, Save a Few Pounds More

One of Tobias Wong's Sun Jars from SUCK UK
One of Tobias Wong's Sun Jars from SUCK UK

There are lots of ways to reduce the size of your bin without incurring any cost whatsoever.

For example, if it’s a composter you’re after, you could always knock something together from a couple of old pallets, which are readily available on many industrial estates if you ask nicely.

But there are also many items that require a degree of investment and they’ll make your quest a little easier. In the book I named a few of my favourites and I could have listed dozens more, but there just wasn’t enough space!

So for today’s entry, I’ve listed a few more great, green products that might be able to nudge you even closer to a Zero Waste Week. Continue reading “Spend a Few Pounds, Save a Few Pounds More”

Dust Off the Lunchbox – the Holiday is Over!

Be a legend in your own lunchbox
Be a legend in your own lunchbox

6 weeks of no school has finally come to an end and as much as I love the short-Smiths, there’s only so much juggling a girl can take.

As I write my rubbish post for Wednesday morning, there’s a blessed veil of peace enveloping the house. It’s so silent you can hear the wind rustling past the razor-sharp creases of their new school trousers.

In response to Katy Wolk-Stanley’s comment on ‘A Busy Mums Top Tips for a Slim Bin‘, I thought I’d post a bite-sized selection of my favourite lunchbox contenders to tempt ‘you’ into ditching the expensive pre-packed snacks, in favour of a bit of homemade nosh. Continue reading “Dust Off the Lunchbox – the Holiday is Over!”