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UPDATED Tuesday 9 December 2008 



Hippyshopper interview
8 December 2008


Healthy & Organic Living article ‘How to…have a no-waste home’ by Tracey
December 2008


“must-have book for dejunking the home”
December 2008


Daily Express article ‘From Jewellery To Junk, We Can All Be In Profit’
26 November 2008


“must-have for anyone wanting to reduce their impact on their immediate and global environment”
Sky News Blog ‘Credit Crunch Christmas’
10 November 2008


“interesting, informative and highly motivational”
inmyprime Book of the month
4 November 2008


“Littered with good ideas about how to reuse and repair things rather than replacing them, how to recycle more, and more efficiently, and generally how to accumulate and dispose of less stuff.”
Healthy & Organic Living
November 2008


“This book is light. It’s chatty. And if, like me, you promise to do just one thing a week, your waste pile will soon dwindle, painlessly and effortlessly.”
Your Environment ‘If There’s One Book To Get’ (page 28)
November 2008


Eco Home and Garden Christmas book roundup
November 2008


Health 24 article
November/December 2008


Western Daily Press interview
18 October 2008


The Big Green Idea article 
16 October 2008


“At a time when we’re all tightening our belts this is a book to help us downsize and live a simpler life.”
The Huddersfield Daily Examiner review 
10 October 2008


“A delightful lighthearted look at recycling, but with a serious message.”
Eco Home and Garden review

October 2008


Blisschick interview
1 October 2008


“Packed with small changes to make a big difference to your lifestyle and the environment.”
The Journal (Staffordshire)
October 2008 


“Even for the seasoned greenie, there are plenty of “Oh, I hadn’t thought of that. Cool!” moments.”
Planet Green article and review
29 September 2008


“An excellent guide packed with facts and figures about rubbish, the damage it is doing to our planet, and how to reduce it.” 
Ecozine review
29 September 2008


“very thorough and occasionally quite innovative” 
The Waste Paper review
29 September 2008


“words of wisdom”
This is Dorset review
26 September 2008


Green Girls Global Blog review and interview
24 September 2008


“Want to know how to cut through the clutter and get back to the simple life at home?  Get a copy of The Book of Rubbish Ideas, by Tracey Smith.”
The Herald (Glasgow)
24 September 2008 interview
17 September 2008


The Middle of Nowhere review
15 September 2008


Environment Times Book for the Week
12 September 2008


The 365 Ways Blog review
12 September 2008


“This fascinating little book is packed with ways that everyone can positively embrace the idea of living with less and thereby allowing them to slow down, green up and save money” 
Larne Times and East Antrim Advertiser
8 September 2008


Daily Mirror article “How to give your stuff a longer life – from bread to car tyres”
8 September 2008


“Full of ideas to help you lead a greener lifestyle including cutting annoying clutter.”
The Sunday Post
7 September 2008


“New easy-to-use reference guide to reducing household waste.”
Optima (Hertfordshire)
6 September 2008 


“Just about every kind of tip you could ever need for de-cluttering your life and reducin the devasting amount of rubbish that we Britons produce.”
Sustained review (page 46)
September/October 2008


“Positively embracing the idea of living with less you can slow down, green up and save money along the way.”
The Home Farmer
September 2008 


“With everyday items seeming to be getting more and more expensive by the week, Tracey’s handy tips will help you save a few pennies and also help in seeing more of the natural world around you.”
The French Life article and review
29 August 2008


“Teaches how to avoid making unnecessary rubbish and waste and has lots of fascinating facts.”
The Sunday Post
24 August 2008


“An ideal book for anyone who’s forever asking ‘how do I recycle that?'”
Smart Planet 10 Great Green Books for Summer
29 May 2008


“This really is a user-friendly guide that will inspire and motivate the reader to take action.”
Imperfectly Natural review
27 February 2008


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