‘Poetry of Divorce: for Women’ Hits the Ground Running

Poetry Of Divorce CoverToday, the new book by Tracey West, ‘Poetry of Divorce: for Women’ has launched in paperback and Kindle e-book, across the globe.

It is the product of the tricky divorce endured by the author, but by no means an embittered read.  She discovered that writing poetry was one of her coping mechanisms for getting through it, then she dived head first into a world of poetic fiction.

The end result is a 138 page book covering a wide range of divorce based situations, with an eye catching range of black and white photography to accompany every poem, also taken by the author.

Topics covered include filthy habits, leading up to leaving, solicitors, getting back into the saddle again, sex and other social experiments and new life.

The book is available in the UK, the US, throughout Europe, in Japan, even Australia and Tracey hopes it will go a long way towards encouraging women to pick up a pen and notepad to start writing out their dark days, rather than relying on less healthy solutions.

She isn’t afraid to admit she had depression and anxiety at times and sought medical assistance to help her get through it.  Tracey also hopes that her comfortable admission of this will entice others to stamp out the stigma that often goes with a confession of this sort.

‘There are lots of solutions available to help you get through the trauma of divorce and early separation and if you think you are suffering, your doctor is the best place to start’, Tracey explains.

For details of the contents and worldwide stockists, visit www.PoetryofDivorce.com and click on the Shop for the most up to date information.

– See more at: http://www.poetryofdivorce.com/news/133/26/Global-Poetry-of-Divorce-for-Women-Hits-the-Ground-Running

New book coming soon

A quick update… my new book Poetry of Divorce: for Women will be published by MagicOxygen on 8th April 2013! Check out the link for more info.

Moving on from The Book of Rubbish Ideas

2010 has been an incredible year for Tracey Smith, author of The Book of Rubbish Ideas and it’s about to roll out with a BANG!

Tomorrow morning, on BBC Breakfast Television News and on BBC World, the Global News Network, she’ll be giving her top tips on what to do with a rubbish present….and perhaps more importantly, giving advice on how not to find yourself in this situation in 2011!

There’s a tremendous amount of exciting stuff happening in the New Year and the best way to keep in touch with all of our green news is via Tracey’s Facebook page, www.Facebook.com/RubbishAuthor.

But don’t leave this site without having a good look around first!

There’s a veritable wedge of top tips here, with lots of ideas on ways you can lean towards the green and give a positive embrace to living with less!

We hope you enjoy a slow meander through them!

The Team

Eco-Chick Rallies from Brighton to London in a Winner

Penney Poyzer, Oliver Heath and Tracey Smith
Penney Poyzer, Oliver Heath and Tracey Smith


I’m home from the 2009 Eco-Rally and oh, what a gig it was.

Late Sunday night found me and my co-driver Joe Wadsworth hovering outside the Royal Albion Hotel in Brighton, awaiting a full collective of hungry eco-celebs (Quentin Willson, Robert Llewellyn, Penney Poyzer and more)…

After the exciting arrival of the Tesla and once the blokes had all taken it for a spin around the block, we eventually went trotting off to get a bit off Thai tucker and I sat next to the lovely Robert Llewellyn (Kryten from Red Dwarf).

Carl Honore, the bestselling author of In Praise of Slow joined us and good food was munched by all.  Robert had half an eye on my tasty veg spring rolls and I thought it only fair to share the love…but he wasn’t getting a look in at my sweet and sour prawns.

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