This ‘Woman’s Hour’ Has Arrived!

Jenni Murray from BBC Radio 4, Woman's Hour

Dearest all, I’m in London and currently looking out of a window onto the world and the clock is ticking along, getting ever closer to 1am – eek!

I had a call late yesterday from Radio 4 (as you do) asking if I could just whip up to Town and go do Woman’s Hour?  Well, as you know, I’m not a girl to shy away from a bit of media, so I grabbed the opportunity to chinwag with the iconic Jenni Murray in a heartbeat!

The only trouble was/is, I have to be in the studio at 8am and the current laws of physics won’t allow for me to get up there from my neck of the woods with time to spare and as the Tardis is in for a service and MOT, I thought it best if I come up the night before.

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Tracey reads from The Book of Rubbish Ideas

The title says it all really! It’s a video of me reading from the ‘What a pile of rubbish’ section in The Book of Rubbish Ideas:

Rubbishly yours,


I Feel Like a Right Twitterer!

I'm now on Twitter!

My dear chum Craig McGinty has introduced me to a bit of techno-gadgetry and for a change, I understand how to use it and actually, I quite like it!

It’s known as Twitter and I’ve been ‘Twittering’ for a few days now.  It’s a great way of keeping your finger on the pulse of what the people you like are writing and talking about.

If you want to keep up with what I’ve penned here on the Rubbish blog everyday, you can either tap in the whole web address and come see, or you could subscribe via to the RSS feed (by bookmarking this page) and you’d get a short buzz on your toolbar to tell you when I’ve added a new piece.

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How To: Get Down and Dirty Together, Creating Community Soil

‘Bigger, better food is waiting in your compost heap.’

givernyI recently caught up with a delightful man and a horticultural expert, Phil Gamble.

Trained at Cannington College, Somerset in it’s heyday, Philip’s background includes two posts as Head Gardener and ten years on the lecturing staff at Kingston Maurward College, Dorchester. He’s an established freelance lecturer and popular speaker, he’s an experienced garden guide, practical demonstrator and photographer.

He’s busy with designs for two clients at the moment in between his programme of illustrated talks, short courses and garden days.

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Rubbish Q&A Day

Tracey ready to answer questions
Tracey is standing by her computer and is ready to answer your questions!

A quick note from Thomas:

Hi everybody and welcome to the first Book of Rubbish Ideas Q&A day. Anybody out there who wants to leave Tracey a rubbish and sustainable living related questions may do so by leaving a comment under this post and Tracey will then get busy finding an answer for you. So keep this post up, pop back and refresh often to have a look at the questions and answers as they come rolling in throughout the day.

But first, many of you submitted questions last week so Tracey has got a head start and has answered many of them already. Thanks to everybody who submitted questions and here they are with Tracey’s responses:

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Hot off the press!

Tracey posing for the paparazzi
Tracey posing for the paparazzi

Hi all, Thomas here to give you the breaking news that I’ve just added a Press page to this blog where you can find links to all the print and online reviews, interviews and articles about The Book Rubbish of Ideas and Tracey.

Actually, at the moment it seems that you can’t turn on the radio, open a magazine or newspaper, or surf the internet without running across a mention of our Rubbish Author and her brilliant book. OK, so maybe she hasn’t quite got the media exposure of this guy but I reckon she’s still doing pretty well and she’s now got herself a television appearance. Those of you who are early risers and are able to tune in, mark 7:30am Monday 17th November 2008 in your diary to see Tracey on Channel M – TV For Manchester

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What a Rubbish Childhood

Lauren Booth - Key note speaker at the David Stafford Memorial Lecture tonight

Please indulge me breaking off the usual line today, but I want to tell you what I’m up to tonight.  And anyway, it certainly connects to my Book of Rubbish Ideas, because for every single copy that’s bought, I’m making a donation to an amazing charity called NACOA.

They are perhaps easier remembered as The National Association for Children of Alcoholics and tonight they are having an annual memorial lecture in London to celebrate the life and work of one of their founding members, David Stafford. Continue reading “What a Rubbish Childhood”

The Rubbish Author’s Video Appeal

[Edit from Thomas – despite what Tracey says in this video, the Q&A will occur next Monday on the 10th of November. LOL!]

[Edit from Tracey – yes, what a silly old bat I am….I had the 17th in my head because I’d just been speaking to a producer about doing a bit of telly that day……more info on that coming soon…anyway, sit back with yer popcorn and enjoy the vid….LOL!]

Has she got any or not, that’s the question…

No, seriously though, it’s just me on a chilly Tuesday night in my windy shed asking you to take part in my forthcoming Rubbish Q&A Day here at the website for The Book of Rubbish Ideas.

If you have an interest in matters green and eco and would like to help publicise it, thank you and you can.

You can either direct people to the page on YouTube where the video is being hosted by using the link or copy the embedding code from this same page and plop it on your website, blog or even in a newsletter sometime soon and preferably before next Monday!

I’ve already received a few strange questions and I’m sure they’ll get even stranger now so I’ll sign off here and let you watch it.

Big thanks for anything you can do to help spread the word!

Rubbishly yours,


Next Monday Will Be a Rubbish Q&A Day

On Monday the 10th November, I’ll be hovering over a hot keyboard and delivering live answers to your most burning rubbish and sustainable living questions!

It would be great if you could help spread the word about this online event by posting our ready made button on your websites favourite forums and newsletters, or by simply dropping a line in your blogs to let your readers know all about it and if you could give them a good poke this Friday to remind them, that would be great!

You can send in your questions anytime between now and Monday, but as we cannot predict how busy the event is going to be, if you want to ensure you get an answer in good time on the day, drop your question over sooner rather than later so I can crack on with any necessary research. Continue reading “Next Monday Will Be a Rubbish Q&A Day”

Book links and Letters for Change

We're helping you to find the info you need
We're helping you to find the info you need!

Hi everybody

Just a quick post from me today to let you know about a new feature of the blog. If you haven’t noticed it already then there is now a tab at the top of screen titled Book Links. This tab will take you to a new page that lists all the features of the blog that Tracey talks about in The Book of Rubbish Ideas. So now, instead of searching through this blog to find the bits and pieces that the book refers to, you can simply find the links all neatly listed on the Book Links page. Of course, as this blog is a work in progress not all the features are available yet but they are all on their way.  Continue reading “Book links and Letters for Change”