Rubbish News – Market Traders Clean Up their Act

More cheese please Louise
More cheese please Louise

A simple recycling initiative has been introduced at the historic market site of Whitechapel in London.

Tower Hamlets council have provided the bustling market with designated bins that take organic, cardboard and other packaging waste and they are emptied twice a day.

It is hoped this will reduce rubbish in the area by up to 88% and the results are good, following the initial trial period of 3 months.

The scheme will allow for 9 tonnes of organic waste and 9.5 tonnes of dry recycling to be diverted to recycling facilities each week, which is a tremendous achievement.

Local councillor, Abdal Ullah gave his blessing to the recycling plan and told the BBC, “Markets by their very nature can create a lot of waste, when you take into account things like packaging and food products with a relatively short shelf life. We have introduced a number of new ways that all this can be recycled and we are very excited that none of the market waste will be sent to landfill.”

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Rubbish News – ‘Your Old Computers are Making Us Ill’

Recycling 'is' the key, but it sure needs some tweaking
Recycling 'is' the key, but it sure needs some tweaking

This comes from youngsters in Ghana’s capital, Accra, where thousands of tonnes of old computers and other assorted e-waste, is being dumped.

Many of the scrap parts from these old machines are saleable and metals like copper can fetch good prices, unfortunately the computer shells are commonly burned to extract them.

Burning exposes those trying to collect these precious commodities to toxic and chemical filled fumes and they are presenting serious health hazards to the local inhabitants.

E-waste is regularly exported from the UK and other countries to places like India and China and more recently, Ghana has joined them.

Watch BBC journalist Will Ross’s video report from Accra in Ghana here.

Find out how householders can responsibly dispose of old electrical equipment via the WEEE Directive here.

Rubbish News – It’s National Allotments Week

A tomato stood at the beginning of existence
A tomato stood at the beginning of existence

Getting to grips with a little cultivation of some fresh produce in your garden can have a positive impact on your purse and almost certainly on the contents of your rubbish bin.

If you ramp it up a notch from your garden and take on an allotment, you might grow more than you can handle and that’s where sharing the abundance with a neighbour comes in!

If this sounds of interest, you might like to know the 11th to the 17th August is National Allotments Week and there are events taking place all over the country to mark it.

There will be an interview on the BBC’s Countryfile with the Chairman of the National Allotments Garden Trust from a site in London.

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Rubbish News – Southampton City Council Throw in the (Dirty) Towel

Don't overstuff bins with any of these tins - recycle!
Don't overstuff bins with any of these tins - recycle!

A rebellious Hampshire council has made a stand and rejected government guidelines to impose fines of between £75.00 and £110.00 to residents who overfill their bins.

The statement came from Councillor Gavin Dick, who told the BBC, “It’s incredible that law-abiding residents can get fined more than shoplifters”.

He added, “I can reassure residents that these measures will not be introduced. Southampton is a great example of what can be done to help residents dispose of their waste while making huge strides in helping the environment – all without the threat of whopping fines.”

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NB: I have dropped Councillor Dick a line myself and will report back with more information on this story soon!