Video: Tracey Smith & The Book of Rubbish Ideas

I shot a little film recently with a team from Sustainable Somerset, exploring the content of The Book of Rubbish Ideas and I thought you might like a sniff around my kitchen…

Please feel free to pinch, publish and pass on!

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Rubbish on the Radio: For your listening pleasure this week

Win a Saturday nite at the movies!
Win a Saturday nite at the movies!

It’s almost time to go dashing through the snow in my one horse open sleigh (ok, I lied, there’s no sleigh, but it would certainly come in handy this week) to broadcast Slow Down and Green Up on the radio.

Between 10am and 1pm GMT on Wednesday, I’ll be talking about all the things that have tickled my green bone over the past week and as usual, I’ll be giving away free tickets for the ODEON cinema for you to see a movie of your choice.

The lovely Jon Kelly will be dropping in at midday the Odeon Cinema coming in to talk about the hot and happening movies of the week, the absolute must see’s and we’ll also discuss the new film releases too.

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Tracey reads from The Book of Rubbish Ideas

The title says it all really! It’s a video of me reading from the ‘What a pile of rubbish’ section in The Book of Rubbish Ideas:

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Wake Up and Freak Out!

A good friend sent me a link to a short film created by a very talented animator called Leo Murray.

It touched a raw nerve in me for many reasons.  I enjoyed the simplicity of the movie itself and the straightforward explanations of the problems we’re facing with climate change and I particularly connected with the references to the pressure we’re put under by advertisers to buy, buy, buy, as I’d outlined in my chapter on ‘Rubbish Obsolescence’.

I urge you to set aside 10 clear minutes, make yourself a cuppa and sit and watch it and if it leaves as much of an impression on you as it did me, be sure to pass a message onto your friends to watch it too.

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Celebrating Women in Enterprise, Sustainably!

It’s always lovely when you hear a voice from the past and the other day, I picked the phone up to hear the effervescent tones of Sharon Kilby.

She’s a hard working downshifter (they aren’t dropouts you know!) and some years back, I did my best to help her migrate to a slower paced life in Italy. 

She’s been thriving over there with her family ever since and she still pens pieces occasionally for the UK press, amongst other things.  This week, she’s back here to promote Women’s Enterprise Day. 

I recorded a short film to pull together my thoughts on being a hard-working woman in business and gave my top tips for adopting a sustainable approach and I thought you guys might enjoy it.

Here’s a little bit more about the event.

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The Rubbish Author’s Video Appeal

[Edit from Thomas – despite what Tracey says in this video, the Q&A will occur next Monday on the 10th of November. LOL!]

[Edit from Tracey – yes, what a silly old bat I am….I had the 17th in my head because I’d just been speaking to a producer about doing a bit of telly that day……more info on that coming soon…anyway, sit back with yer popcorn and enjoy the vid….LOL!]

Has she got any or not, that’s the question…

No, seriously though, it’s just me on a chilly Tuesday night in my windy shed asking you to take part in my forthcoming Rubbish Q&A Day here at the website for The Book of Rubbish Ideas.

If you have an interest in matters green and eco and would like to help publicise it, thank you and you can.

You can either direct people to the page on YouTube where the video is being hosted by using the link or copy the embedding code from this same page and plop it on your website, blog or even in a newsletter sometime soon and preferably before next Monday!

I’ve already received a few strange questions and I’m sure they’ll get even stranger now so I’ll sign off here and let you watch it.

Big thanks for anything you can do to help spread the word!

Rubbishly yours,


You Great Knit!

My wierd and wonderful wool

Where is your Nan when you need her most?

Unfortunately, my lovely Nan passed away many years ago, but I remember her voice, laughter and cuddles like she was here only yesterday.

She taught me so much; how to be patient, how to cook, how to grow a few things in the garden, how to enjoy your own company and how to knit, amongst others.

Most of the important stuff has remained lodged in my head but the knitting thing has been sadly lost with the passage of time.  Well, I say lost, it’s not completely gone, I remembered a few of the basics and felt sure it would all come flooding back if I could just find a prompt.

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Rubbish movies – Fabulous Rubbish Flatbreads

See the full rubbish flatbread recipe.

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Rubbish News – ‘Your Old Computers are Making Us Ill’

Recycling 'is' the key, but it sure needs some tweaking
Recycling 'is' the key, but it sure needs some tweaking

This comes from youngsters in Ghana’s capital, Accra, where thousands of tonnes of old computers and other assorted e-waste, is being dumped.

Many of the scrap parts from these old machines are saleable and metals like copper can fetch good prices, unfortunately the computer shells are commonly burned to extract them.

Burning exposes those trying to collect these precious commodities to toxic and chemical filled fumes and they are presenting serious health hazards to the local inhabitants.

E-waste is regularly exported from the UK and other countries to places like India and China and more recently, Ghana has joined them.

Watch BBC journalist Will Ross’s video report from Accra in Ghana here.

Find out how householders can responsibly dispose of old electrical equipment via the WEEE Directive here.

Rubbish Videos – What’s Coming Soon?

What better way is there to get a message across, than to actually show it to you?

I love making films and have a little stack of them being edited as we speak (well, write, but you know what I mean)…

Over the coming weeks, I’ll be showing you: –

  • How to make flatbreads – quite the most delicious snack, easy to make and a perfect accompaniment to a dish of hummus…
  • How to get started with a compost bin and a wormery – this is going to be one short video though, you just lift the lid and sling it in!

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