What a Bloody Nuisance!

Don’t panic love – I’m not throwing all the toys out of my pram – I’m talking periods.

And before you read any further, I warn you, this isn’t going to be like those laughable adverts that show menstrual products with blue liquid on them (who on earth thought that gem up), this posting is going to be fact-packed and will tell it like it is.

I’m talking belly cramp, backache, the ultimate nightmare of getting caught short, the irritation factor of VAT on sanitary wear, chemical intervention to give us whiter than white products, biodegradation in landfill and the ever rising costs of a box of your monthly whatsits! Continue reading “What a Bloody Nuisance!”

Sort the Rubbish Out From the Bottom Up

I am a huge fan of the Eco-Schools project and have been watching it go from strength to strength over the past few years.

I believe if we get our children into a confident green groove at an early age, they stand a good chance of stepping into adulthood with the right approach to sustainable living and they can also help to re-educate apathetic parents and whip them into shape!

Eco-Schools is an international award programme that guides schools on their sustainable journey, providing a framework to help embed these principles into the heart of school life. Continue reading “Sort the Rubbish Out From the Bottom Up”

Start a Crafty Group and Reuse Your Rubbish

Doh, ray, me, fah, SEW, la, ti, doh!
Doh, ray, me, fah, SEW, la, ti, doh!

I’ll lay a bet you have one or two craft books on your shelves at home.

Everybody does, it’s almost the law to have a couple, but how often do you pick them up and have a good look through?

Consider this a rubbishy prompt.

The nights are drawing in already, the outlook for autumn weather is lousy and this is a perfect time to think about starting up a little crafty group.

It doesn’t have to a grand affair, a few friends is all you need to get going and you might find yourself pleasantly surprised in a few weeks time when you’ve snowballed to quite a gathering (er, just ignore that bit about ‘snow’)… Continue reading “Start a Crafty Group and Reuse Your Rubbish”

Mirth on Monday

(click image to enlarge)

I do love a good giggle to start my week and thought I’d break away from the norm (whatever the ‘norm’ is, that is) and share a few of my favourite rubbish cartoons with you instead. Continue reading “Mirth on Monday”

Rubbish News: A Sign of ‘The Times’ Ahead

Fruit trees in the high streets
Might we have fruit trees lining our streets?

I was interviewed recently by esteemed journalist Laurel Ives on the subject of downshifting and the piece popped up today in the ‘Body and Soul’ section of ‘The Times‘.

The article was about another of my favourite subjects; downshifting. It’s entitled, ‘How to cope with life in overcrowded cities’ with the subtitle, ‘Daily life on our cramped little island is stressing us out, but there are plenty of ways to beat the crush’.

The story threw up some very interesting statistics that I immediately thought of in terms of the problems we face today with landfill sites and the ultimate disposal of our rubbish.

The article stated, ‘Figures released by the Office for National Statistics show that population density in England is already almost double that of Germany and four times the figure for France. By 2056 our population will have grown from 60 million to 68 million – 1,349 people stuffed into every square mile.’

That’s quite some hike!

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Great, Green London (and Minimal Rubbish)

Not too many crowds to battle by the fountain at Trafalgar

I’ve just returned from one of the most satisfying short-breaks I’ve ever had.

I didn’t go far, I didn’t spend much either and my carbon footprint almost had a halo on it.

I swapped houses with a great friend (who also has 3 children) and it was fab! No money changed hands, we had no faff or palaver with check in and out times, no flight to catch or be delayed with, we had a fridge and cupboards full of ‘normal’ food and there wasn’t a disposable sachet of shampoo or shower gel in sight and no individual tea-bags wrapped in bizarre paper overcoats either.

It really was ‘a home from home’ with all the comforts that come with it and the simple fact that it was a different set of walls to knock around in made it feel like a proper holiday.

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They’re Green Through and Through!

Love all your Greens!
Love all your Greens!

The Green family are something else again!

Mr, Mrs and Little Miss Green are all passionate about the environment, so much so, they’ve breathed life into an inspirational website called ‘My Zero Waste’.

As well as entertaining and educating their readers about a wide range of rubbish flavoured topics, they are also gearing up for their ‘Zero Waste Pledge’. If you hop over there and add your support, you could win yourself an eco-goodie that’s actually worth having.

Since June, the Green family have been gradually reducing the amount of weekly rubbish put out for landfill and they were originally inspired by Almost Mrs Average’s ‘Rubbish Diet’ and an article they read on how plastic is affecting marine life.
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