Page 80 – How to organise a clothes swap party.

Clearing out our wardrobes needn’t be a gloomy affair – on the contrary, you can turn it into a sustainable celebration!

Organise a simple clothes swap party (easily converted into a kids clothes swap, toy swap, book swap or whatever other swap takes your fancy!)

To get the ball rolling, just copy out the email below (turn it into a letter if you prefer), personalise it where appropriate and send it off.

Do keep in touch and let us know how things progress!

Good luck!




SUBJECT: Clothes swap party invite!

Hi Friend

Just to let you know that I’ve finished reading The Book of Rubbish Ideas and it has inspired me to declutter the house and have a good clear out of our clothes. It has gone surprisingly well and I can actually see the floor of the children’s wardrobes!

Nearly all of the clothes are in great condition. A lot of the kids’ stuff is just too small for them now (and I know you’ve had your eye on a few of my tops) so I thought

I’d throw a clothes swap party and invite a few of the girls round to my place next Wednesday, 1 p.m.

The rules are simple: have a good root through your cupboards and bring yourself and a friend over with your collective bags of clothes/shoes/boots and stuff, and a plate of nibbles too – nothing pre-packed please. This is going to be a celebration of sustainability while spending no money, changing our wardrobes and keeping fabric out of landfill!

If there’s anything left over, I’ll take it to the charity shop. And, if it all goes well, perhaps you could host another one in a few months time and I’ll promise to let you borrow the book.

See you soon