Page 57 – Campaign to leave superfluous packaging at the till.

Is superfluous packaging one of your biggest bug bears when you go shopping?

It’s time to tell those big retailers that the tide has turned and that we consumers need to see positive change, starting with them!

Life would be so much easier if we handed the packaging problem back to the retailers and a great way to do this is by taking it off at the till and leaving it in designated boxes for plastic and cardboard etc.

To get the ball rolling, just copy out the email below (turn it into a letter if you prefer), personalise it where appropriate and send it off.

Do keep in touch and let us know how things progress!

Good luck!




SUBJECT: Your Corporate Social Responsibility obligations and disposal of unwanted excess wrapping and packaging.

Dear Mr/Mrs Supermarket Manager

Recently, I learned that packaging waste makes up around 24-30% of the household rubbish generated throughout the UK I also discovered that packaging represents £10 (13%) of each £75 spent on the average shopping bill.

The responsibility for disposal of this packaging is immediately passed to me the moment I purchase goods and leave your store. However, I am not obliged to take this excessive packaging home with me, and I feel the time has come for change. If the packaging stays within your shop, the onus falls upon you to dispose of it responsibly.

I would like to see suitable receptacles in your store for customers to deposit their excess packaging in. We will require somewhere for cardboard/plastic film/cellophane wrapping/multi-pack holders etc.

Worldwide environmental issues are a concern for us all and the profile of recycling is being constantly elevated.

I fail to see why consumers should continue to have to deal with a problem that has been created by retailers. It’s time for you to accept your corporate social responsibility and show us that you care about recycling.

I have been a loyal customer of your store for many years and I look forward to hearing from you as to when you will be installing these facilities.

The receptacles need not be custom-built – simple large boxes will suffice in the short term – but please look seriously at taking this initiative on in a permanent form.

If we as a nation are going to make any positive impact to our local and global environment we must act now.

If I do not receive a reply to this email, I have no choice but to leave my excess wrapping and packaging at your till, as I am perfectly entitled to do. I have many supporters of this simple initiative who are also willing to act.

I await your reply with hopeful anticipation.

cc: Your local radio newsdesk