Page 48 – Set up a recycling-rota with your neighbours.

Our doorstep recycling collections are getting better all the time, but there’s still a lot of room for improvement.

Until we live in a perfect world where the recycling guys collect everything for reprocessing (and that could be a very long way off), we must take more personal responsibility for the rubbish we produce.

I’ll lay a good bet that some of your neighbours make the odd trip to the local civic amenity site to drop in what’s not collected, plastic bottles being commonly high on the list.

Why not take the initiative to set up a simple rota for a few of your immediate neighbours and you’ll be able to clear all the rubbish and take a few cars off the road too!

To get the ball rolling, just copy out the email below (turn it into a letter if you prefer), alter the category of rubbish if you wish to read ‘Cardboard/Batteries/Tetrapaks etc, personalise the letter where appropriate and drop it round to your neighbour.

Do keep in touch and let us know how things progress!

Good luck!




SUBJECT: Plastic bottle recycling rota

Dear Neighbour,

I’ve just read The Book of Rubbish Ideas and have been thoroughly inspired to reduce rubbish in our street. As you know, we still don’t have a kerbside collection for plastic bottles and as far as I understand, there are no immediate plans for one either.

We’ve all been guilty of putting a few plastic bottles out for the ‘normal’ rubbish collection truck but I’ve just learned that they could take several thousand (yes, thousand) years to break down, if they are thrown into landfill!

I’ve decided I’m not going to let another bottle head to landfill from this house and I think I might have hit on a more efficient way of organising responsible disposal.

If a few neighbours put our heads together, we could organise a weekly rota, so only one driver recycles the plastic from all of our houses! It’s the responsibility of the other households to deliver their bag of cleaned and squashed plastic bottles to the ‘allotted driver’ on Sunday morning.

That way, we only have one car on the road each week and we only have to do the run once every few weeks! That’s petrol money and time saved and zero plastic bottle waste for our bin men and women!

Please find the proposed rota for the coming months below –

I’ve already penned my trip in.

I do hope you are up for the idea too and I look forward to hearing from you and seeing the rota fill up soon!


Deliver your bag of clean and squashed bottles to the allotted driver on Sunday morning between 9 and 11 am!

Tracey No 22      Duncan No 23       Izzy No 24       Gyles No 25

7/9                    14/9                      21/9                 28/9

5/10                  12/10                    19/10               26/10

PS: If you’d like to borrow the book, pop round with your dates filled in and I’ll lend it to you!