Page 41 – Encourage your school to adopt paper-free communications.

Are you fed up with the pointless piles of paper that your children bring home from school?

Why not start a positive campaign to help your school reduce wasted time, money and rubbish by adopting a paper-free communication system.

To get the ball rolling, just copy out the email below (turn it into a letter if you prefer), personalise it where appropriate and send it off.

Do keep in touch and let us know how things progress!

Good luck!




SUBJECT: Opt-In Paper-Free Newsletters and Communications

Dear Headmaster/Headmistress

It is encouraging to see the school taking a strong interest in environmental issues, and Johnny keeps me regularly informed of your new initiatives to encourage and enthuse the children.

I’m sure you’ll be pleased to know that our family are 
also reducing our impact on the environment by minimalising 
our personal and household rubbish output.

Following discussions with other parents, I would like 
to suggest that the school adopt an opt-in paper-free email 
scheme for the sending home of newsletters and general 
communications from school.

From the discussions I’ve had at the school gate, I am 
certain other parents and guardians would support the scheme.

It would be relatively quick and easy to put in place and, 
once the paper-free scheme was operational, it would save 
the school a great deal of money in paper, ink, printing, 
stapling, envelope and electricity costs, not to mention 
time saved by the school secretary in preparing and sending 
out such notes. In addition, you would forever eliminate the 
problem of children forgetting to take the letters out of 
their bags when they arrive home!

To get things rolling we would need to send out a note 
asking parents to join and requesting their email address. 
This can be typed into a simple database, or stored as a 
group of email addresses, ensuring none of the addresses are 
visible to others.

Then simply send out a test message, to which the parents 
should send a returned acknowledgement, and the system is up, 
running, and saving us all time, money and rubbish!

I look forward to hearing from you.

An eco-friendly parent