Page 101 – Call for a plant-pot recycling scheme

What on earth are you supposed to do with all the plastic plant pot holders you get from your local garden centre?

Some innovative outlets are providing their customers with recycling points at the front of the store – brilliant – but why aren’t they all doing it?

It’s time to take the bull by the horns and campaign for your local nursery to get on board with this easy initiative.

To get the ball rolling, just copy out the email below (turn it into a letter if you prefer), personalise it where appropriate and send it off.

Be sure to copy your note as recommended below and let’s make a real noise about our efforts to reduce rubbish.

Do keep in touch and let us know how things progress!

Good luck!




SUBJECT: Garden rubbish reduction

Dear Garden Centre Manager

A recent news report on the BBC informed me that many garden centres up and down the country are starting up their own recycling schemes. They enable their customers to deposit used plastic plant pots and seed trays into a collection box at the front of the store.

Apparently, some 500 million unwanted pots are thrown away every year in the UK and, no doubt, a great many of these end up in our landfill sites.

As a keen and responsible gardener, I take great pride in being kind to the countryside and I’m urging you to set up your own scheme and to provide a receptacle for your customers’ old containers.

If more plant pots were recycled in this country, we could encourage re-use and produce more recyclate for reprocessing into new pots and other things. There could be better opportunities within the UK for manufacturing with plastic recyclate, reducing the amount of product we currently have to ship abroad for this process. Everybody benefits!

However, in the first instance, we need to encourage change by offering convenient, local facilities for plastic plant pot recycling.

I am very hopeful that you will support this initiative. I have copied my email to our local radio station and our local MP, who I’m sure will be very interested in following the story. This would, of course, give worthy exposure to garden centres who implement a recycling scheme and who were clearly seen to be taking their corporate social responsibility seriously.

I look forward to hearing from you soon.

cc: Your local radio station

cc: Your local Member of Parliament