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Click on the links below to go straight to the parts of this blog that Tracey mentions in The Book of Rubbish Ideas. (If the item isn’t hyperlinked yet then it means that the info is still on its way!)

'Rubbish Author' Tracey Smith
'Rubbish Author' Tracey Smith

Page 7‘Hot and happening’ eco-news

Page 45Essential oils for cleaning and to condition the laundry and essential oils for personal hygiene

Page 51Keep Tracey informed of your progress and successes in challenging supermarkets about the amount of packaging that they use You can use this text to get you started with your letter writing.

Page 53 – Step-by-step guide on making your own pizza

Page 55 – Film on how to make upside-down planters from large plastic milk cartons to grow tomatoes (coming soon – spring is here!)

Page 60 – Film on more ideas for art projects (until the film gets posted you can find some more ideas here and here)

Page 86 – More recipes to make your own lotions, ointments and potions with essential oils

Letters for change – throughout The Book of Rubbish Ideas are 6 letters/emails that Tracey suggests you use to initiate change in your own community. Instead of retyping them all from the book, we’ve copied the text onto this blog for you to cut and paste.

Simply click the sub pages links below and grap the text that you need to get yourself started!