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It’s time to throw open your front door and let sustainable living expert Tracey Smith have a good poke about inside!

She’s ready to walk beside you and go through each and every room of your home and outside living space.

With her practical, straightforward advice and more than a few quirky ideas too, Tracey will help you clear out the superfluous crud that’s cluttering up your home, show you how to avoid unnecessary rubbish and waste, convert you to seeing `rubbish’ as a resource and save you time, money and more by doing all of the above.

With tried and tested solutions offered by the ‘everyday Joe’ contributors from all walks of life and with top tips from eco-friendly celebrities including BBC presenters and authors Penney Poyzer and Brigit Strawbridge, top designer Wayne Hemingway, garden expert Kim Wilde and ‘Imperfectly Natural’ Janey Lee Grace and more, you’ll be fully equipped and able to implement instant rubbish reduction actions from day one of reading the book.

From the Author
On her debut title, The Book of Rubbish Ideas, Tracey says, “I’ve combined the sobering reality of the issues we face regarding our rubbish and waste, with a good handful of easily achievable solutions on ways to eliminate it.

It’s an encouraging and upbeat read that will enable you to make simpler, happier living with dramatically reduced levels of rubbish, a reality!

It also issues you with tools that fire up your imagination for a little armchair activism that could significantly minimise waste in your local communities too.”

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