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Tracey Smith is a specialist writer and broadcaster on sustainable living and also creator of the awareness campaign, InterNational Downshifting Week.

She’s a very contented downshifter who extols the virtues of ‘positively embracing living with less’ and doesn’t take the moral highground to get the message of simple, green living across.

Smith’s a green visionary, a realist, a regular gal, a work at home wife and mother of 3 who strives to keep a handle on the work and life balance, in favour of ‘life’ and she believes that everybody can benefit from a bit of ‘slow down and green up’.

On the broad topic of living more sustainably, Tracey believes the power of the individual should never be underestimated and says it’s time for us all to ditch the guilt for what we are ‘not’ doing and to start feeling good about what we ‘are’ doing.

Her loves include the charity shops, good eco-books, FairTrade chocolate, her wind-up radio, home-grown perpetual organic lettuce (with a balsamic vinegar, olive oil and honey dressing), feather pillows, warm feet and the blessing of a handful of wonderful friends.She is more often than not found in a quiet corner with a cup of FairTrade tea in one hand and an eco-book in the other and lives with her lovely husband and children in the peaceful southwest.

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