Tracey Smith on Newsnight Tonight?

JP: Unchallengingly, the thinking woman's crumpet

I might well have been, had I lived closer to the centre of the universe (London that is).

Late this afternoon, I received an invitation to appear on tonight’s Newsnight on the BBC; it seems they’re going to be talking a load of old rubbish…

Bill Bryson will be there, no doubt in full lyrical wax and my lovely friend, Robert Bradford will be in the studio too.  I believe, alongside other topics, they’ll be discussing the low tides recently experienced on the River Thames and the rubbish they’ve unearthed as a result.

I’m sincerely disappointed I’ll not be able to add my shiny comments to a filthy subject, however, for those of you unwittingly poised to have your interest pricked by this nugget of BBC brilliance, you’re undoubtedly in for an interesting and enlightening debate.

I suggest those of you new to my work take a moment to click here and read the first couple of chapters of my Book of Rubbish Ideas – it talks particularly about our Rubbish History, the origins of our dustmen, pigs, pooh, piddle pots, mudlarks and more…you’ll love it.

Moreover, it might encourage you to click the button to buy, or to make a trip to your local library to source a free read and I hope above all, it encourages you to make the first steps to living more sustainably.

Rubbish needn’t be a dirty word…

TS x

PS: My grubby day will come…