Tracey Smith is Officially a ‘Hot Woman’…

Hot Women International Campaign for the Global Warming Alliance

I recently met an amazing lady, Louise Burfitt-Dons, head of the Hot Women International Campaign for the Global Alliance…sounds like a bit of a mouthful, but it has a fitting and very worthy title and an enormous task in hand.

She officially welcomed me as a Hot Woman, which I’m absolutely delighted about and I thought I’d tell you more about the organisation, it’s aspirations and achievable aims;  over to Louise!

Hot women is a campaign to get women not only interested in the climate change debate but also to actively reduce their carbon emission. It is run by the Global Warming Alliance, a not for profit organisation which raises awareness of the perils of increased emissions on the atmosphere.

I set it up because I became aware that not only were women making up over fifty per cent of the work force, they were also becoming the major decision makers in consumer goods. If you want to get families to change their daily routine to a more responsible use of energy you have to engage the woman.

Plus they have a major influence over how children behave in the future.

Additionally I saw great opportunities for women. Many of the traditional creative pursuits of women–knitting, cookery, dressmaking-have been dropped in preference to consumerism and celebrity. Primordially I think we’re happiest when we are making something (we know shopping is fun but can also make us thoroughly miserable at times) but it really has been very un-cool recently. ‘You have the time to do that?’ sort of thing. Now is the perfect time to start enjoying that side of life again guilt free.

We also do not need four fashion changes a year – most of us can’t afford them and the environment certainly can’t cope with the extra landfill.

I wanted to get the message across that women in particular had a major part to play, if only to pass on the message to serious up a bit, to appreciate the world we have right now before it becomes too low down the chain of what’s important after Jordan’s love life and scatter cushions.

Five ways women can help: take a look at a career in engineering – the sustainability sector needs you; quite simply, cut back in some areas that produce unnecessary waste; buy clothes that have longevity rather than one season wonders; don’t bury your head in the sand – we’re overfishing, over polluting and overdrilling; try and win hearts rather than turn heads – how we behave has a huge knock on effect, not only on our own community but also globally.

How can you support it? Spreading the word of the campaign is the best way to help. Log on to the website and display the logo. Continue with the great work that so many women have been pursuing in recycling and renovating over the past few years. Write more great books like The Book of Rubbish Ideas. If we can get Hot Women in the news we may get the headlines that will make a difference!

Want to be a mover and a shaker?

Be a Hot Woman, be loud and proud and make the change happen too!

Rubbishly yours,