What on Earth’s an Earthship?

Building with the earth very much in mind
Building with the earth very much in mind

I love hearing from people who are doing amazing things to protect and care for our present and future environments for the generations yet to come.

I genuinely feel very excited to be one of many optimistic green activists, at a pivotal point in earth’s history; we are the generation that will make incredible positive changes.

Gillian Trott dropped me a line recently with information on her Earthships; do read on, I think you’ll find they could be right up your street…


We became involved in sustainable design and construction several years ago.  We
saw Mike Reynolds (the visionary behind a fully sustainable building design
called an earthship} speak in Brighton and decided to help promote his concept
in Europe.  The buildings incorporate a large amount of waste materials in their
construction.  They are also buildings which are self-sufficient for power and
water and a large amount of food is also produced on site.

Kevan worked as Mike Reynold’s European Associate to develop the earthship
concept in Europe for over 5 years.  They have been involved in developing
earthships in Holland and Scotland.  Earthbuild workshops are being run later
this year in Portugal and Poland.  A number of projects are also in the pipeline
for 2010 including a 5 earthbuild development in the Orkneys, as well as
planning applications being processed in Nottinghamshire, Cornwall, Gloucester
and Holland.


The Normandy earthship was completed in June 2008.  The earthship in Zwolle was
completed in an amazing 13 weeks last Autumn and progress on the current
earthship in Glasgow can be checked out on the Earthbuilds Facebook page.


Earthbuilds is a public limited company with a strong emphasis on education,
information sharing and networking.


Design and planning applications are undertaken by Kevan, we are developing a
Euro Crew for construction and Gillian runs workshops, courses, co-ordinates
volunteers and develops promotional material.


Kevan and Gillian are based in Brighton but built their own earthship with
initial assistance from Mike Reynolds, in Normandy France.  They are involved in
developing this type of construction in Northern Ireland, England, Scotland and
Wales, France, Holland, Portugal and Poland so far. They are in the process of
developing opportunities in other European countries in the near future.

What an exciting concept, particularly if you’re looking at doing a full eco-build or even just a green extention.

Do visit www.earthbuilds.com for more information on what these guys have achieved and their plans for the future.

If you are really serious about getting your hands dirty, their consultancy team can also help with the following:-

✬Initial Free Consultation regarding project (via e-mail/skype)
✬Feasibility Studies – assessment of the options, costs and other information
✬Site visits including in depth geographical review and project discussions
✬Design service with focus on client brief and options available
✬Design service utilising qualified structural engineer with earthship experience
✬Systems designed to suit geographical locations
✬Full constructional build with experienced crew
✬Construction packages with varying professional involvement available
✬Workshops, educational and training opportunities

Earthship ‘Perrine’ is available for rent so that this type of living can be experienced first hand – see www.earthship-france.com and more up to date information about developments in general can be found on the Earthbuilds Facebook page.

Rubbishly yours,

TS x