Earthwise Girls Rule!

Be an earthwise girl
Be an earthwise girl

Meet mum of 4 and ‘mumpreneur’ Christine McRitchie.

She somehow manages to fit in running 3 flourishing internet eco-businesses, alongside the demands of family life.

Plush Pants Cloth Nappies was her first venture: “I took on Plush Pants when my youngest baby, Victoria, was just under a year old. It’s been a labour of love and there was a lot to do as the business had been run down, so I’m very proud of how big it’s become in the last five years and in particular the popular Nappy Trial Scheme, which I’m a huge fan of, as it’s how I came to use washable nappies myself.”

Last spring, aware of a possible recession, Christine wanted to open a second website, specialising in budget and lower cost nappies, and acting as a resource for those wishing to save even more money, and Terry was born.

Quickly becoming a hit with terry nappy users, Terry Nappies enjoys a top Google ranking and stocks a surprising variety of low cost nappies and accessories: “I used terry squares on my last 2 babies, they are incredibly versatile, fast drying, and great value.”

You would be forgiven for thinking that 4 children and 2 businesses might be enough, but not for this gal! In early 2009, she launched a third business, Earthwise Girls. “For years there has been strong interest in the natural menstrual products at Plush Pants, with many customers who had no interest in baby products, so I developed the Earthwise Girls website just for us girls, catering for our very specific needs, with products that are kind to us and kind to the planet.

Initially I made the website for natural menstrual products and following customer requests for natural body and hair products, I now stock those as well.”

I got some of her delicious soaps (I say delicious, because they smell so good, you want to eat them) when I gave a talk on ‘Rubbish’ at the Dorchester Festival.  Christine’s sites are well worth a trawl through and if you have a girlfriend who could do with a good, green poke and wants to save herself a fortune too, do her a favour and send her the links!

For more information on the amazing Christine, her products and adventures, visit and

Rubbishly yours,

TS x