Unleash Your Creativity (and cut down your rubbish!)

Learn 'rubbish reducing' skills for life!
Learn 'rubbish reducing' skills for life!

Good grief, it’s almost July and that means one thing…

The race is on for work-at-home parents up and down the country to crack their most important jobs out before the onset of the 6-week school holidays.

I’m not trying to make it sound like it’s a torturous event, on the contrary, it’s an honour and privilege to share the break with them (quite often something we only recognise after they no longer ‘need’ us) but I’m a firm believer in balance and there will be times when I rely on Spielberg and the electronic babysitter to give me a welcome rest.

But you know what, we’ll blink an eye, it’ll be September and still hindered and mortally wounded by the loss of Woolworth’s, we’ll all be running around like headless chickens wildly purchasing new socks and scholastic supplies for our assorted young ‘uns.

This year however, it’s going to be different…

Don’t panic, I’m not pledging to get myself organised or anything – heaven help us – no, this year, ‘I’m’ going back to school;  I’ll need socks and a new ruler too!

I’ve not studied in a classroom scenario for over two decades and I’ve no doubt my children will have great fun checking that ‘mummy’ has done her homework on Sunday night…

It all started after I picked up a Skills and Learning booklet at the library on Saturday.  I idly browsed all the courses available in Somerset and was surprised to see how diverse and interesting they were; this morning found me booking myself on a 20-weeker.

If you’re hell-bent on finding ways to live even more sustainably this winter, perhaps you might be tempted by upholstery for beginners, intermediate or advanced, or maybe gardening for pleasure and produce, or bread and pastry making and a host of other ‘basic’ cooking courses too.

Go to the Learning and Skills Council or the Direct Gov websites to find out what courses are available in your part of the world and if you’re a low earner, be sure to check out the concessionary (and sometimes free) rates too!

Rubbishly yours,

TS x