The World (on/at/and) My Feet…

"It's the world Jim, but not as we know it..."
"It's the world Jim, but not as we know it..."

It’s crafty Friday yet again.

A few creative mums and I usually get together once a week for a bit of cutting, sticking or Morsbagging and today we decided to draw pictures all over each other – henna pictures to be precise and what a giggle it was.

We used a couple of the henna book complete kits by Alieen Marron, (The Henna Body Art Kit and Tribal Tattoos) which contained a few transfers, a tracing pencil, some tracing paper and all the other malarkey.

I’ve been hankering after a tattoo of the earth on the sole of my feet for ages.  I wanted it there, not for anyone to see particularly, but as a symbol for what I’m trying to do; spreading the message about ways to be kinder to the environment by ‘lightening our footprint’.

Having never worked with henna before, we were like a bunch of 12 year-olds playing with make-up for the first time…none of us were interested in reading the de-structions, we just wanted to get stuck in…

Dear Izzy got us on the right road and we eventually mixed the henna powder with the liquid activator, squidged it around in the applicator bags and left it to mature for an hour while we finalised our designs and drew short straws for who was painting what on whom and where.

Unfortunately, we didn’t seem to have much luck applying the temporary transfers (which you then colour in with the henna mixture) so we played with Izzy’s  ink pad rubber stamps and went freehand instead, which was much more fun.

Kay went for a stunning lizard design, Sophie had a row of linking flowers by her twinkly toes, Izzy went for a dragonfly and Celina chose a wide-petalled flower on the inside of her wrist.

I had a bee painted on the inside of one wrist and a daisy on the inside of the other (we need to look after both) and on my right foot, a loosely interpreted planet earth and on the other foot, the sun, with markers for the 4 elements of earth, fire, water and air; tres funky.

They are absolutely fab and as you can see from the picture above,  still drying and now cracking up.

Soon we’ll remove the henna, within 24-hours the image will have cured and we’ll be stuck with it for a few weeks (much less scary than a permanent tattoo).

How much fun it was to be stopped in the tracks of our busy lives and made to sit still (for fear of smudging) to have our pictures crafted on.

Naturally, we covered all the important topics (men, periods, sex and chocolate) and a few bizarre and obscure ones too (back to men again then).

We ate Kay’s homemade cake, drizzled with my cream, drank Sophie’s coffee and virtually trashed Izzy’s kitchen with tracing paper cuttings and associated paraphernalia.  In a nutshell, we had a ball on a budget and are now suitably chilled and ready for whatever the weekend has to throw us.

Remember: there will always be a list of jobs to do; cooking, shopping, ironing, even getting your hand up the u-bend occasionally but quite frankly, I don’t want anyone to discuss how crisp my whites were at my wake…I want them to have a giggle!

If you’re blessed with good friends, make time to see them and do something funny with them…’cos the minutes, they are a’tickin’.

Rubbishly yours,

TS x

Celina – you’re a smasher and a complete inspiration.

Izzy – your grounding influence is pure magic, as are you.

Kay – your smile, warmth and kindness could fill a room.

Sophie – you’re simply beautiful, inside and out.